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large glazed enclosure

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large all weather sports canopy

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white shield canopy with blue frame

The flexible design aesthetic of a tensile membrane structure comes from the distinctive elegant form unique to those characteristics of membrane tension. In daylight, fabric ….

pink blooming greenroof

Wild® greenroof structures reproduce varied ecosystems in small spaces using advanced materials and production techniques to ensure their success. They provide a great ….

long entrance canopy

Rather than offer an ‘off the shelf’ canopy, our systems offer a tailor a proven modular design to maximise the outcome specific to your application. Designed to accommodate ….

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William Edwards School


Peter Melville: We chose StreetSpace for our walkway project because of the reputation of the company and of the quality of the work we have seen the company produce at other schools. We felt confident that with StreetSpace we would get an excellent product.
The walkway has met our expectations significantly, dramatically. In fact, the building was first intended to be used as an overflow for catering purposes, but is also now being used for events, parent’s evenings, and also as a meeting area for students and staff. So it’s been fantastic for the school.

Steve Munday: Well the project, as you can see, was something that we’d been thinking about for quite a long time. We looked at a number of different companies and spoke with those companies. We got an incredibly good feel right from the word go with the customer service. A very simple and obvious thing to say, I suppose, but the communication with StreetSpace right from the start was first-class and we enjoyed the interaction.
They spent an awful lot of time coming out to the school and working through our plans in some detail. Of course with schools, it’s very much about value for money. The value of money that we receive, both in terms of the service and the products, were first-class.

Peter: The walkways provide us with all-year facility so that the children have somewhere to go during the wet breaks.

Steve: Well I think as a school, it’s probably exceeded our expectations. In truth, we were looking for something that would give us and generate some indoor space that we were lacking. It’s actually become a real focal point within the school where students gather both before school, at break times, lunch time; and indeed after school. So it’s a very social area, a very social space that the students really enjoy and tend to gravitate towards in their non-lesson time. So it’s become a really important space within the school.

I would absolutely use StreetSpace again. The experience from start to finish, both in terms of the preparation for build, the build itself, in terms of the workmen that were here, and every member of staff that we worked with at StreetSpace have been first- class. I would recommend without hesitation to other schools that were considering a project such as this.