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metroSTOR Insight – the free outdoor storage audit

Nigel Deacon, metroSTOR Sales DirectorNigel Deacon, Sales Director at metroSTOR, shares his thoughts on the current state of the social housing industry and news on the UK’s first free outdoor storage audit service.

‘I have been privileged to work with countless numbers of amazing social housing professionals across the UK, helping them to find cost-effective solutions to fire risks associated with refuse bins and mobility scooters. Almost without exception, their ability to resolve these challenges has been constrained by the availability of budgets and human resources; but struggling against all odds I continue to see them improving thousands of customer’s lives and making hundreds of neighbourhoods safer every year.

To me, the tragic events of recent weeks have shown just how fragile the social housing sector has now become. There may well have been serious failings and mismanagement, and statutes will no doubt be reviewed and re-written; the changes, for some at least, will sadly be too late. Overall however, I see a sector that has been doing its level best to balance priorities on a reducing income with very little external assistance. Social housing professionals are the unsung heroes in my book, and political ideology appears to have dealt them a terrible disservice.

Much of the focus since Grenfell has quite rightly been on ensuring that high-rise flats are all fitted with sprinklers and fire-doors and not encapsulated with a flammable cladding material. But I have also heard from numerous clients that have identified safe storage for bins and mobility scooters as one of their top priorities; whatever aspect is being considered, this lesson is coming with a hefty price-tag, both in human and financial terms, and a huge amount of work remains to bring all homes up to the required standard.

The metroSTOR team remain committed to providing innovative solutions in their field, and one of the latest is metroSTOR Insight – the UK’s first free outdoor storage audit service. Let one of our experienced team members help you survey your properties, identifying and documenting fire risks associated with refuse bins and mobility scooters before developing cost-effective solutions for each scheme, complete with budget costs and clear demonstration of your return on investment. There are no fees – we will of course specify metroSTOR products where we think they are a best fit, but we are also honest enough to tell you when we think that there may be a better alternative.

There’s even more to come – with our new fire-resistant enclosures, amazing free product trials and flexible rental packages, reach out to metroSTOR today and let us help you take the strain!’

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