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What is the true cost of anti-social behaviour? Providers of social housing will be well aware of the crippling financial impact temporary repairs to frequently damaged and neglected properties have on already tight budgets. Community initiatives and support programmes, designed to benefit many, increasingly get axed as funding gets drained by the thoughtless actions of a few. And what of the residents? What impact does anti-social behaviour have on their psychological makeup and how does this affect the wider community?

Nigel Deacon, Sales Director at metroSTOR, comments on the environmental and social benefits of urban regeneration projects and the single-source approach that saves time and money.

‘Across the country, I consistently see over-stretched and under-resourced councils and housing associations put under enormous pressure to wage a costly and seemingly endless offensive against anti-social behaviour. It stands to reason that poorly maintained, insecure and unappealing communal areas will attract undesirable attention. Furthermore, anti-social and distressing activity undoubtedly encourages even the most robust residents of run-down surroundings to swiftly disengage and possibly even contribute to the decline. But why should we continue to accept the destructive social impact of neglected and hostile community space, when potential solutions are so manifest and cost effective?

Hatherley Court before image

Hatherley Court before

Rather than focusing simply on repairing vandalised property, treating graffiti and removing abandoned rubbish, am I alone in thinking it makes far more sense allocating a budget to identify and eliminate the cause?

Time and again urban renewal projects will be dismissed as too costly, slight or secondary to make any real impact on a community but this is certainly not my experience. I take tremendous pride in witnessing the many transformative benefits a newly-regenerated outdoor space can kick-start. I frequently hear of a revitalised community spirit after renovating a neglected outdoor area. Camaraderie for residents, not just an accessible and easy to maintain communal space, is an appealing benefit that should not be underestimated. In my opinion, a well-considered redesign and renovation, expertly managed from idea to reality, can be an inexpensive force for both environmental and social change.’

At metroSTOR, our experienced and integrated design and construction team develop CGI renders so that multiple options can be considered for each project. This approach ensures cost-certainty for the client; guaranteeing time and money savings without limiting choice, compromising quality or restricting community engagement.

Hatherley Court after completion

A single contact, dealing with the day to day co-ordination and construction of every phase of the project, keeps communication lean but relevant. This single-source approach extends to demolition, new substructure construction, external decoration and landscaping. metroSTOR can also offer a wide range of their own urban products, including cycle and mobility scooter stores, waste stream enclosures, greenroof systems and urban furniture, offering the ultimate turnkey solution to any urban renewal project.

If you are interested in an environmental improvement project and would like to find out more about our single-source solution, please visit our website by clicking here.

Nigel Deacon, Sales Director

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