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With particular focus on refuse and recycling storage within residential developments, metroSTOR® Insight aims to provide an all-encompassing assessment of the options available for specific storage requirements under consideration.

From your project brief, we assess the available locations at site survey level against an established criteria, developing effective solutions to achieve a successful project outcome.

Insight will outline the proposed scheme details, covering such aspects as capacity assessment, accessibility for site users, the facilities management regime and security of the area. Ground levels are surveyed to avoid costly excavation and construction of retaining walls, and a full set of annotated site plans is produced for ease of reference at site consultation level.

The insight report will also consider any relevant recommended and statutory criteria, including proximity to existing buildings, to ensure that fire risk and the amenities of any adjacent dwellings will not be compromised. Principal design concepts for the storage project can then be evaluated and product images supplied.

Finally, your insight report will study the scale of the investment required, the rate of return on this investment and the variations in cost between the potential solutions. From data gathered by our team on caretaking and waste disposal costs we can demonstrate this ROI in context, making recommendations based on this together with our extensive experience in the residential development sector.

metroSTOR® operates a six-month free trial scheme for Councils and, following consultation with the relevant stakeholders to ensure the optimum product configuration is chosen, this initiative enables swift and thorough evaluation at source.

If you are interested in a metroSTOR®  free trial or insight report please call us on 08450 750 760 or complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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