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East Kent Housing has successfully trialled the metroSTOR bin units for several months with a very positive response from Residents, Refuse Collectors and other contractors. It is an ideal system for our requirements, being robust, aesthetically pleasing and cost- effective, it has had a dramatic impact on the environment with less littering and fly tipping and by reducing fire risk.

Sue Hogben, Surveyor, East Kent Housing

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We have been using metroSTOR charging stations on our sheltered schemes at Stonewater for two years now; we chose the units originally because the scalable concept allowed us to reduce costs by simply dropping in the required number of attractively-styled, robust modules to each scheme rather than designing a bespoke solution time after time.

Glenn Loftus, Stock Improvement Project Manager, Stonewater plc.

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We consider metroSTOR units to be an excellent product and have found them to be very effective for reducing fire risk, litter and fly tipping issues with waste and recycling bins across our estates. They have also been well received by both residents and refuse collection officers.

Steve Rosagro, Building Surveyor, Cheltenham Borough Homes

client logo - south essex homes

South Essex Homes have installed a number of metroSTOR binstores; they have stood up well in extremely challenging environments and in addition to an improvement in the appearance of our estates we are pleased to report a significant reduction in litter and fly- tipping. Waste control has become far more efficient resulting in valuable staff time being utilised elsewhere within the Estates

Tony Holliday – Estate Services Manager, South Essex Homes

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Early last year, Havebury Housing had a metroSTOR PSH-6 scooter store installed at a sheltered scheme in Haverhill which had a number of mobility scooters being charged in communal areas. The secure unit is fitted with integral lighting and charging points, and has proved itself to be absolutely ideal for disabled users, sitting attractively within its surroundings due to the timber cladding.

Tony Nunn, Surveyor, Havebury Housing

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We have found them to be a quality product at a reasonable price but above all, the ease of specifying is the biggest bonus for us as a practice. The flexible modules and cladding options provide a good range of choice and we no longer have to worry about the quality of fabrication of bespoke designs.

Kevin Davis – MArch, RIBA, MFPWS DJD Architects