About Us

For over 20 years, the Streetspace team has worked in the design and construction of public open space, developing projects across a broad range of sectors, with that same architectural flair and attention to detail that has become a hallmark of our brands today.

Our projects have included canopies & walkways, glazed structures, all-weather sports canopies, green roof buildings, tensile membrane structures, street furniture and landscaping; engineered for the long term and with a uniquely consistent design theme.

It is our goal to become the UK’s most innovative and successful provider of covered space projects to education and leisure organisations. We will achieve this by continuing to work closely with our valued customers delivering individually-tailored solutions, embracing innovation, always proud to put the customer at the core of all we do.


How We Can Help You

We believe that one of the best ways to realise the potential of existing built facilities is to cover and enclose those underutilised outdoor areas to create multi-use space. Valuable space comfortable year round and suited to a wide range of short-duration uses that add real value.

Faced with the familiar scenario of increasing pressure on existing built facilities with limited access capital funding for a traditional-construction project, the Streetspace way is to see this as an opportunity to create an environment of a similar size and specification, but using a simpler design concept.

Where you might be looking to raise the bar even further in terms of customer experience and increase visitor dwell times at your outdoor attractions, we can help you transform entrance areas or courtyards with an architecturally significant, progressive covered space that offers long term value.

In addition, the offsite manufacturing process for these innovative structures enables rapid installation, keeping disruption to the operation of your built facilities to the absolute minimum.

Meet The Team


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Street Structures, Canopies, and Walkways

Are you looking for experts that can fabricate robust and weatherproof structures, canopies, and walkways for your streets and schools? If you are looking for an experienced team that can make a welcoming and pleasurable communal structure, intended for socializing and influencing the behaviours of different individuals bound together by a common goal positively, then, consult Streetspace Group.

The construction of durable and sturdy structures like canopies, glazed structures, greenroof structures, tensile structures, glass canopies, polycarbonate roofing, and street furniture, on the streets and walkways is not an easy job. However, we have seasoned professionals that can assist you by providing qualitative information on the types and qualities of materials needed for these projects from the onset until completion.

Over the years, our team has executed excellent projects pragmatically and carefully and these landmark structures are announcing our expertise and proficiency in the industry everywhere in the UK. Our indefatigable professionals are ready to construct cutting-edge structures, which are works of geniuses that can stand the test of time.  You need to have a feel of our pragmatism and proactivity in service delivery as we are poised to provide qualitative aftercare services in order to ensure that you enjoy the best products ever produced in the industry.


Our Procedure and Practice


We are unswerving in our goals for unparalleled and efficient service delivery geared towards excellent project handling and completion using our latent skills and customized practices.  At Streetspace, we are open to professional dialogues with our esteemed customers as we proffer the best information relevant to your project execution and completion.

As reliable professionals, we are dedicated, accountable, and ensuring that every process and procedure we employed in handling your project is well documented, and even the construction phase is professionally managed to give you a picture-perfect and visually appealing structure beyond your imaginations and aspirations. Additionally, we offer cost-effective services and maintain our resolution of a timely completion of projects without failing or compromising in any way.

Nevertheless, we are committed to dutiful after-sales services aimed at maintaining and improving the outlook of your structure, despite the professional indemnity guarantee being provided for all our customers.


Consultation Services


Our professional and friendly customer service team is ready and open for discussions in order to get you acquainted with our procedures and practices.  The purpose of this stage is to enable the team gathers detailed information about your projects including the type of structures you want to build, the quality of materials needed, the skill-levels of workers that can handle the project, and the probable duration of the project. There will be a display of all the 3-D designs available in our portfolio for you to make a choice of the pattern suitable for you.

With these facts and figures at hand, they will make an estimation of the budget needed for the project.  Additionally, they will make a thorough projection of the duration and you will be receiving details about the progress and extent of work on the project site at every stage before the actual handover.  Our men are capable of working with little or minimum supervision, therefore, be rest assured that you will get a qualitative job that will beat your imaginations.

Having outlined the exact details of your project and what it will cost to get the structure standing, before the commencement of work, our designers will utilize 3D visualization to design and develop the pattern in order to give you a perfect outlook full of aesthetics and artistry.


Our Products


As professional fabricators and manufacturers of street structures, canopies, and walkways, we offer high-quality products like greenroof structures, glazed structures, canopies and walkways, sports canopies, tensile structures, street furniture, and many other facilities that can make your outdoors life engaging and enjoyable with your friends and families.


Greenroof Structures

Replicating the ecosystem with its divers features and forms even in a small space is not a simple matter. At Streetspace, we engage our expertise to recreate your rooftop by converting it to a natural habitat. Our technicians will introduce organic forms into the greenroof environment using some natural phenomena and other factors powered by great innovative manufacturing processes. We also utilize some natural constituents making it easier for the project to be actualized without hitches. This procedure promotes and entrenches the culture of biodiversity in a unique way making you have a feel of nature in an intriguing and inspiring way.

Additionally, Wild ® greenroof structures are prepared and packaged by professionals in a way it will be easy to install on your housetop. This canopy project is executed with high degree architectural know-how incorporating organic mediums that can thrive and grow and necessary to achieve a greenroof structural design. The lightweight structure is not a new invention but an improvement of an already existent innovation using highly standardized products.

If you are planning to create a small structure, you need a substrate with a shallow background and a broad system. However, if you are handling a bigger project, you should use biodiverse greenroof made by Wild®, which has intensive boasting wildflowers.  Moreover, the lightweight greenroof structure used for smaller projects can be installed as a pre-established turf with the potentials of aiding the survival of mosses and sedums that are impervious to drought and can grow very low. In the same vein, bigger projects can use the biodiversity wildflowers, which are suitable for calcareous grasslands. You can enjoy decent surroundings by making an addition of sedums to the collection of flowering plants you already had on the platform.

Greenroof structures provide shade and shelter to birds and other living organisms if uncut, especially during the winter season while the flowers are sources of food to them and attractive to butterflies and bees too.


Glazed Structures

The installation of glazed structures in sections of the building is an architectural skill that Streetspace can display on your sites and buildings respectively.  You may need this glazed design in your school buildings or residential buildings to create a distinct aesthetics and enhance the outlook of the structure significantly. Most persons prefer to use this type of structure and create a valuable space in the office for some basic administrative purposes or in the home for dining or other exigencies.

Our design team has the technicality to specify the type and quality of glaze structure suitable for your building. They will also understand the need for the glass structure in the building. Most of the time, these bespoke structures could be constructed in an available space for social or other recreational activities.

We employ highly sophisticated materials and innovative architectural designs to give you a beautiful structure. The major aspect of this construction is the utilization of full-height glazed elevations cloistered thermally and a combination of an insulated steel clad warmroof on top of the physical steel frame.


Canopies and Walkways

Depending on the space and usage of the canopy and the structure of the adjacent buildings, a canopy can be mono-pitch, regular, or irregular and lopsided.  The canopies’ structures could be made as lattice beam, single beam, and centrally buttressed beam according to the shapes and spans of the roof beams. However, you should expect neat and well-tailored lines of canopies from Streetspace Group and our partners.

According to the requirements of the design process and site, in particular, the preparation and coating of the steelwork can have an average description of Cold grit blast SA2.5 / Zinc Coat / Anticorrosive Primer. You can also use a non-metallic coating process such as PPC Coating to finish from the normal RAL/BS colour range. Additionally, you will get high-quality canopies built and designed with great specifications subject to BS EN 1090 EXC2 and ISO9001:2008.

We can give you many years guarantee because our structures are durable and fitted with aluminium rainwater systems or galvanized steel and even PPC finish to match that type of fabrication. Moreover, the structures are defined with a UV-protected 16mm triplewall polycarbonate panel that you can find inside the certified aluminium coating system.


All-Weather Sports Canopies

Poor weather conditions and low lighting solutions are the reasons for the construction of alternative all-weather sports canopies.  Streetspace has expertise in the construction of advanced cover options with luminous lights and highly durable steel frames with long-span radius roof for all-weather sports canopies. There is also a pressure fabric casing and you can find a steel panel cover system on top of the structure.  You will enjoy a greater sporting practice if the canopy elevations allow airflow and temperatures according to the environment.    Moreover, our canopies have open ventilating structures with weatherproof side panels, UV protected and well-lit courts.

Our sports canopies can fit in well with existing sporting areas, therefore, you do not have to spend more money on resurfacing or construction of new sites.  Depending on the nature of your court areas or sports facilities, the technicians have great skills in producing various sizes of canopies suitable for them.

These sports structures are made with high quality and durable casing systems that can withstand the penetration of UV rays. Moreover, the provision of floodlighting systems makes it more convenient to cut off harmful UV rays from the arena. You can get these canopies with our guarantee service of twenty years.


Tensile Structures

Streetspace have built these tensile membranes with peculiar features and capacity to withstand the toughness and roughness of climatic factors such as extreme coldness and hotness by providing a cosy and comfy atmosphere. These structures are ideal for schools as it improves the aesthetic outlook of the environment and provides additional space for pupils and students to enjoy recreation and leisure activities.

Tensile structures are lightweight and fabricated with durable substances that can withstand fire and other corrosive elements. Moreover, the structural design of the construction is done in a way that the roof does not need to be supported with much structural steel like regular building frameworks.  However, the design and construction must be done in conformism with standardized building codes.

If you need a better-quality UV resistance, then you should use a PVC architectural fabric having PVDF topcoat self-cleaning lacquering layer.  Importantly, your tensile membrane does not require expensive maintenance services in comparison with other normal roofing systems.


Street Furniture

Maintaining your outdoor space is our priority if you consult us for our invaluable services. We can easily specify and design your street furniture to give a contemporary feature to your outdoor surroundings and street scenes.  There are Broadway ™ model ranges of five distinct street furniture available on the stables of Streetspace group, such as XM, XC, XP, XT, and XR constructed in our high-tech factory located in Kent based on ISO 9001 and 14001 standards accordingly.

Due to our long-term policies of ensuring best practices and maintaining the highest standard in the industry, our team utilizes quality iroko hardwood and steel frames to give you spectacular bespoke outdoor furniture and street dining facility projects.


Models and Designs


After consultations, our team will begin to design and develop your project plan but we have to give it to the Local Planning Authority on your behalf for ratification before proceeding with the construction.  We can help you to meet with statutory bodies for consultations, conduct site plans, design access statements, and even elevations.

Using our SolidWorks 3D CAD program, a masterpiece software package, we shall commence the on-site 3D digital survey of the recommended place, including the position of the surrounding buildings before beginning the structural design process. Based on the structural engineering calculations, which may be tensile membrane designed by our partners in NZ or TAS dynamic thermal model analysis for glazed walled projects ensuring that internal temperatures are maximized and solar energy gained optimally.


Fabrication and Manufacturing


The manufacturing and fabrication of our products are according to the standard management processes of ISO9001:2008. Streetspace Group also uses the environmental accountability of ISO14001 and BS EN 1090 CE pattern for structural steel designs and productions.

We are poised to handle your projects directly from our factory at Kent and our partners are in strategic locations across the United Kingdom.  Due to our agreed production program, we have a strict QA process to guarantee that your project materials are verified and ratified accordingly from the steelwork construction, preparation, varnishing, aluminium curtain glazing and walling.


Installation and Fittings


The client has the responsibility to hire Streetspace as the principal designer and principal contractor to undertake the projects based on the construction regulations of 2015. As a principal contractor, we are obliged to organize, prepare, manage, evaluate, and coordinate health and safety.

Additionally, the site supervisors proffer daily client and contractor fit-out trades while the collation of pre-construction data, harmonization of O & M instruction manuals on completion, health and safety file, and informing the client of his duties based on CDM. This procedure is basically necessary to maintain CDM arrangement form details, welfare facilities, site enclosure and access, project staff identification, and DBS clearances.


Aftercare Services and Maintenance


The issuance of O & M manuals, H & S file as stipulated under CDM is necessary to complete the project handover process and even signing off.  Moreover, we are dedicated to offering you a ten-year limited warranty service over a long term.

Our aftercare service team conducts an annual inspection program to monitor and maintain your valuable assets, especially in the areas of building seals, moving parts, and rainwater parts.  This is the promise we have upheld over the years and it has given us an edge over our contemporaries in business. Consult us today for a trial.