A covered canopy and outdoor sports court might be easier to attract funding support if made available to the community in school holidays.

Funding guidance

Tight budgets mean exploring external funding opportunities is a must for many schools and colleges.

Streetspace staff have experience in advising clients on making the best case for funding. Schools can, for example, pitch to the Condition Improvement Fund, Urgent Capital Support or even Sports Council funding, depending on the nature of the project.

Whether you are requesting a grant for a Streetspace all-weather covered sports canopy to enable PE and sport all year round, or wishing to build a ZONE glazed building to expand classroom or dining space at a fraction of the traditional build costs, our advisers are here to assist. Streetspace covered canopies can increase social space for breaks and give outdoor study areas when on timetable.

A Streetspace covered canopy is an affordable way to create additional outdoor all-weather classroom or social space

Making the case for cash support

  • Pressure on dining space is an issue that can strengthen your bid. Being able to compare the number of pupils on the school roll to the seating capacity in your dining room, and illustrating the difficulties the school has in wet weather when pupils are forced to eat lunch in classrooms or corridors, can help make a powerful argument for support.
  • To further strengthen the case, requesting funds for a Streetspace covered canopy or ZONE glazed building can demonstrate best value due to their lower cost compared to traditional construction.
  • Opening up facilities to the wider community can also strengthen your bid for funding. For example, a Streetspace covered sports canopy and outdoor pitch would be a tremendous asset for any school, and agreeing to make it available for wider community use on selected evenings, weekends or school holidays, if practical, can increase your chances of funding success.

To find out more click this link to complete the Streetspace contact form or call 01227 200404. One of the team will then be able to chat through your needs.

Funding fact-file

  • The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding round for eligible academies, sixth-form colleges and non-diocesan VA schools to apply for capital funding. The priority for the fund is to address significant condition need, keeping education provider buildings safe and in good working order. This includes funding projects to address health and safety issues, building compliance and poor building condition.
  • CIF also supports a small proportion of expansion projects. These are for academies, sixth-form colleges and non-diocesan VA schools rated good or outstanding by Ofsted that can demonstrate a need to expand.
  • Urgent Capital Support (UCS) is for academies, sixth-form colleges and non-diocesan VA schools which do not have access to a SCA, and require funding assistance to address urgent building condition issues that either put the safety of pupils and staff at risk, or threaten the closure of the whole, or a significant part of, the school.
  • The Community Asset Fund from Sport England can support covered sports facilities where they are shared with the local community.
  • The Wolfson Foundation consider grants of up to £100,000 to support secondary schools and colleges with science subjects. Schools needing a ZONE glazed building to teach STEM should apply using this funding pot.
  • National Lottery – Awards for All – provides grants of up to £10,000.
  • The Foyle School Library Scheme accepts applications from state funded schools in the United Kingdom and provides grants of up to £10,000.    
  • Blue Spark Foundation provides grants of up to £5,000 to improve sporting and learning opportunities of children.
  • The Edward Gostling Foundation provides grants of up to £10,000 to support charities and schools through the themes of health and wellbeing and transition but only for children with additional needs. 
  • The Robertson Trust will provide grants to organisations in Scotland through a number of themes, but its Realising Potential category is most suitable for Streetspace covered canopies and Zone glazed buildings.
  • The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation is a large funding body with a number of themes that change from time to time, but it usually has a children and young people theme, so is worth taking a look at. 
  • Wooden Spoon organisation provides grants under a number of themes including outdoor activities and education.
  • The Steel Charitable Trust provides capital grants of up to £25,000.

A ZONE glazed building is an affordable way to create extra classroom, dining room space or library.