All Weather Handwashing Stations

By Streetspace

Cleaning hands more often than usual is one of the key measures advised by the government to protect against coronavirus, so we’ve worked with schools to develop a new outdoor handwash station that can be quickly installed, to help avoid overcrowding existing washroom facilities.

Ideal for location near student entrances and dining areas, the easy-to use weather protected units contain sinks, soap dispensers, paper towel holders, waste bins and handwashing instructions to send a clear message promoting good hygiene.

Long before the virus, hand washing has been highlighted as one of the most important ways of controlling the spread of infections, especially those that cause vomiting and diarrhoea. A culture of cleanliness where regular handwashing is normal, with washing facilities that pupils consistently want and feel safe to use, will help us all stay healthier and reduce absenteeism from here on.


Sink Unit
Manufactured from external grade stainless steel with easy-to-use push taps and stainless steel splash back.


Soap and Paper Towel Dispensers
Manufactured from external grade stainless steel and mechanically fixed to mounting panel.


Waste Bin
Manufactured from external grade stainless steel and mechanically fixed to mounting panel.


Pipework Access
Insulated water supply and waste pipes with coated steel enclosure section, removable with security fixings for maintenance.


Splashback / Signage Area
Coated galvanised steel, washable and with space for hygiene specific signage.


Steel Structure
Hot dip galvanised mild steel framework as standard, with optional powder coated finish available.


Transparent Cladding
Solid polycarbonate cladding allows clear sightlines through the area to allow easy supervision.


Adjustable Baseplates
Height adjustable to allow location in sloping areas.
Easy to Specify

Fully equipped units with no requirement to source the required components.

Single Source Project

One contact for supply, installation and aftercare for the complete project.

Unobtrusive Design

Neat, low profile shelter design avoids clashing with adjacent building architecture.

Flexible Design Format

Modular units that can be fitted in multiple linear format or facing.

Choice of Colours

HD galvanised finish as standard with a choice of PPC Powder Coat finishes optional.

Long Term Durability

Welded steel frame, galvanised finish and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate cladding.

Many schools already have external plumbing easily accessible in playground areas, as washrooms are often close to these spaces. External drinking fountains, which are likely to be out of use due to contamination issues, are also ideal locations for handwashing facilities.

A range of specifications and sizes are available to enable you to specify a unit that fits into the space you have available. Units are delivered to site as components for quick assembly by our installation teams. We can arrange for a full installation package, including plumbing connections, if required.

Product Specifications & Options

Handwashing Stations
(HS4 shown)






HS2 Handwash Station 2 Stations 2045mm 2145mm 1973mm
HS4 Handwash Station 4 Stations 2045mm 4250mm 1973mm
HS6 Handwash Station 6 Stations 2045mm 6435mm 1973mm

Handwashing Stations

All weather handwashing stations are available in three different variations.

The HS2 model has capacity for 2 stations, a depth of 2045mm, a width of 3145mm and a height of 1973mm

The HS4 model has capacity for 4 stations, a depth of 2045mm, a width of 6140mm and a height of 1973mm

The HS6 model has capacity for 6 stations, a depth of 2045mm, a width of 9135mm and a height of 1973mm

Costs start from £2,990.00 +VAT for a HS2 handwash station. Contact our sales team today to obtain a full quotation and discuss availability.