Providing your Students with the Benefits of a Study Break

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Today, reports suggest that our students are studying less in contrast to previous generations. However, with examinations, tests and assessments forming a significant part of student life, many are spending an estimated 14 hours a week studying in addition to classroom hours.

So, it is important that students take the much-needed breaks in between study sessions and we all know that this is crucial for revising and studying in an effective manner. Getting up for a few minutes, getting blood flowing and some more oxygen to the brain is a necessary piece of the work day for all of us!

Informing and encouraging students of the benefits of a study break is straightforward, but while students are studying on your site, can you offer quality, non-teaching space?

A variety of informal and social areas should be created to suit the learning development and cultural needs of pupils during breaks as well as before and after school. Get these in-between spaces right, and you will create a calm backdrop to learning, leading to better engagement and interaction.

So you may have already concluded that more circulation space is needed and have already considered every conceivable way of squeezing additional capacity from your current building envelope. The problem is that whatever way you look at this you now seem to be faced with a complex and expensive building project.

The good news is that with the Streetspace team on board, it may well be possible to provide yourself with some great space for social break-out without breaking the bank! Think about the in-between; the spaces between rooms, walkways and squares that could offer more than just a route from A to B.

We have created a simple checklist to help you identify a suitable location for your break out space, download Your 10 Point Checklist for Considering New Social Space Areas.

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