Overview: TRITON™ Canopies & Walkways 

TRITON™ structures represent the ultimate in design flexibility for steel frame, polycarbonate roofed canopies and walkways. TRITON™ is easy to specify, offering multiple configurations for canopy dimension, roof span, design form, building oversail, rainwater management and column spacing with options for glazing, finishes and enclosure panels.

Suggested applications for TRITON™ structures are to provide additional dining space, bike shelters and car park shelters, and their flexibility means they are suitable for use as canopies for education and also commercial canopies.

The design philosophy here at Streetspace has always been that our structures should enhance the settings in which they are placed. The clean minimalist lines of TRITON™ all weather canopies are engineered for rafter spans as single beam, lattice beam or centrally supported to suit the intended usage. Designed as symmetric, asymmetric or mono pitch, canopy form will often be influenced by adjacent buildings.

Advanced multiwall polycarbonate roof cladding installed as full-length sheets with our proven Streetseal™ glazing system ensures a reliable and easy to maintain roof cover for the long term. TRITON™ delivers cost-effective covered space for use in all weathers, particularly when combined with radiant heaters and removable side screens for more exposed locations. The inherent design flexibility of TRITON™ canopies is ideally suited to the provision of covered walkways, where site users require protection from the elements connecting between buildings.

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What Our TRITON™ Canopy & Walkway Customers Say:

“We’ve been delighted with the insightful but flexible design process and the speed and efficiency of each installation phase for this complex canopy project. The modern design, with integrated lighting, has reinvigorated our walkways and the additional sheltered breakout space has been a big hit with our students.”

David Patterson
School Business Manager, Queensmead School

Why Specify TRITON™ Canopy & Walkways?

From your project brief we outline available options to help optimise usage and meet your specific canopy requirements. Our team generate CGI renders of the proposed project in location to bring clarity to your decision making process. Working with our team gives you the technical expertise required to address planning approval, specialist dynamic modelling, structural analysis and all aspects of regulatory compliance. 

We take the worry out of your canopy installation with the project capability to undertake related civil engineering works, such as access ramps and stairs, surfacing and service redirections within the same package. This single point accountability results in less projects for you to manage. Streetspace 25 year structure and 15 year roof covering warranties provide long term peace of mind, with aftercare packages for periodic inspection and cleaning. 


Confidence in Accreditation
Streetspace design, manufacturing and construction processes are accredited to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and BS EN 1090 CE EXC 2 giving you confidence in each element of your project realisation.

Glazing & Rainwater Systems
TRITON™ structures are fitted with galvanised steel rainwater systems, colour
powder coated to match the canopy steelwork. The Streetseal™ aluminium roof glazing system ensures long life and reliability in service.

Light Transmission
Light transmission must be considered for buildings adjacent to the proposed canopy and the roof cladding type can be specified to suit the application.

Great Aesthetics
TRITON™ canopies successfully combine form and function with their single beam radius roof design, eaves oversail, rafter to purlin connections and integral rainwater systems that are fully colour coordinated.

Roof Cladding Options
From multiwall polycarbonate for UV protected, economical light transmission,
Clearview™ rigid acrylic panels to profiled steel sheet with Colorcoat™ finish for
maximum durability in demanding environments.

Canopy & Building Interface
Galvanised steel flashing systems provide your canopy with reliable, all-weather seals for over door sections and longer building connections.

Project Affordability
Many TRITON™ structures are procured through lease agreements in accordance with school procurement guidelines, helping your organisation to optimise capital spending.

Design Form Flexibility
TRITON™ structures enable a class-leading choice of canopy form and can be
manufactured as radius symmetric, asymmetric or mono pitch design to either
compliment or contrast with your building fabric.

Canopy Enclosure Options
For increased weather protection, TRITON™ enclosure options include steel framed clear acrylic panels, Rockwell 655 coloured frameless multiwall polycarbonate, planar glass and aluminium glazed curtain walling.

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