Capital works projects with minimal disruption

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Whether you manage a busy school, college, university, attraction or sports facility, you will be well aware how even minor, unavoidable routine maintenance at heavily populated sites can have an impact on the smooth running of your operation. Affected areas may need cordoning off and access to frequently visited places restricted or temporarily closed all together. This anticipated disruption can be easily managed if everything goes to plan but can have repercussions if scheduled work is delayed, over-runs or, worryingly, is not done properly and needs rectifying. A temporary inconvenience can rapidly become a major problem requiring additional focus, resources and spend.

Significant long term benefits

Small wonder that many improvements, that could reap significant long term benefits for an organisation and its fraternity, are approached with caution and assessed as potentially too risky to pursue.

Eradicates avoidable miscommunication

At Streetspace Urban Structures we take huge pride in every aspect of the service we offer our customers. Our passionate and enthusiastic team have immense experience in the design, production and installation of complex shade and shelter projects safely delivered on time; fully compliant and satisfying the brief of our client. We understand the benefit a swift and non-disruptive installation has on the smooth operation of your organisation and with our total project delivery process effectively eradicates the avoidable miscommunication that can unnecessarily delay so many projects where multiple contractors are involved.

Completed in the shortest possible time

This was exactly the scenario with Essex-based Colchester Zoo, listed as the 3rd best zoo in the World, when the shelter for their popular ‘Lost Madagascar Ride’ needed replacing following fire damage. The particularly child-friendly Zoo, open every day except Christmas day, needed a compliant canopy structure to provide shelter and shade for queueing park visitors and the zoo’s two land trains. Due to the high volume of daily visitors it was essential the site work was completed in the shortest possible time, with minimal park disruption, ahead of a busy and profitable autumn half-term break.

Speedy, efficient and safe

Demonstrating our total project delivery approach, Streetspace Urban Structures were able to provide full design and planning, allowing advance preparation of the foundation works by the Colchester Zoo estates team. We then required just three days on-site to complete the highly impactful project. You can read the full case study here. The speedy, efficient and safe transformation was captured using a time lapse footage.

If you are looking to introduce, repair or improve shelter elements at your site, Streetspace Urban Structures can guarantee delivery of swift, compliant and safe projects that will reap long term benefits without impacting on your operation. If you would like to know more, don’t delay and get in contact with one of our team today.

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