Our findings from a review of successful CIF applications in 2015

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Several of our clients were successful in the last funding round earlier this year. Having analysed them, we have established the following four common factors that we believe helped with this positive outcome:

They made the Health & Safety implications of overcrowding their primary focus, both within existing dining facilities and also queuing in corridors, particularly where Fire Risk Assessors had identified fire exit routes that were blocked at high-risk times of day.

They also cited the increased supervision needed when classrooms are used for dining purposes, as well as the subsequent impact on the learning environment with odour and disruptive behaviour. In addition, the poor take-up of quality hot meals due to lack of suitable dining space proved to be a factor.

They proposed the use of a Streetspace™ Zone structure, providing a cost-effective environment suitable for a range of short-duration uses, including dining, assemblies, outside the classroom activities and parents evenings. Their submissions were supported by high quality CGI illustrations produced by the Streetspace™ design team, showing the structures in location, along with a detailed project plan and programme.

They demonstrated a willingness to contribute to a proportion of the project costs from their own funds or loan agreements from Catering Providers, along with an in-house capability to manage a turnkey project in conjunction with a specialist provider in order to guarantee real value for every pound spent.

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