Servery Kiosk with a Covered Seating Area could Solve your Dining Problems

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Solve your dining problems.

With ever increasing pressure on budgets, we find ourselves constantly looking for more cost efficient ways to deliver increased dining capacity for schools across the country. Many need to cater for far more students than their existing dining hall can cope with. Often with too little space inside the school to expand, utilising existing outdoor areas is the only realistic option. Adding a standalone servery kiosk with a covered seating area is a positive solution that can change students’ behaviour; and increase food sales at the same time!

An increasing number of schools we work with have found that introducing small scale catering facilities, such as a servery kiosk, along with a covered seating area eases lunch time pressure and also enables a wider range of healthy fresh food to be offered that suits all tastes!  Some schools even report the positive effect on students’ overall behaviour; and are delighted with the potential of improving the concentration and performance of their students during lessons.

Installing a canopy alongside a dining hall is a great solution, but in itself it doesn’t necessarily ease pressure on the queues for the existing servery. However, covering an underutilised area between buildings is a particularly cost effective way of providing a standalone dining area with a good level of weather protection. Take Sandringham High School for example: having installed an 18.0m x 9.0m Triton™ structure between their two dining halls. Within a few months, after finding that the structure was working well for them. They had decided to add another 34.0m x 8.0m canopy between two classroom blocks along with a servery kiosk. A testament to the fact that this solution works very well indeed!

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