Extra 150 seats for dining hall with covered space project

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College Dining Space

With numbers increasing by 150 pupils year on year, we were invited by a college in Lancashire to provide a solution to their desperate need for more covered dining space. With insufficient funds for a traditional build project, they were looking for a cost effective and innovative solution for their college dining space. A Zone Glazed Enclosed Structure™ from Streetspace was the perfect answer, providing a bright and spacious environment of over 250 square metres adjacent to their existing dining hall.

Specified with anti-sun curtain walling to reduce glare, and fabric façade panels above to aid air circulation, this asymmetric structure has a very impressive appearance and fits comfortably with the surrounding buildings. With efficient infrared heaters installed, the temperature can be kept comfortable during the winter months, ensuring the students can enjoy this light and airy break-out space all year round.

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