David takes on million step challenge for Violet

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David Jeapes with Violet, age 4, of Hastings

A business consultant is embarking on a million step challenge to raise funds for a child suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

David Jeapes, 62, business advisor to Streetspace and its sister company metroSTOR, has started a 481 mile sponsored walk to raise funds for his granddaughter Violet, four, of Hastings East Sussex, who has complex medical needs and requires round the clock care.

Mr Jeapes expects the marathon walk from his home in the village of Saint-Pardoux, central France, to Hastings to take one month to complete. Blisters permitting, he aims to complete the trek on 6 October.

David Jeapes, Streetspace consultant

He said: “Violet’s Cerebral Palsy and complex medical needs means she needs round the clock care, takes daily medication and needs equipment to walk, play and stand. As she gets older her needs will change and more things will be required so she can learn and grow.

“You would think that Government help is there for children like Violet, but sadly, it often isn’t. Unfairly, everything is hard, each day brings new challenges, some successes, many failures and stresses, but Violets’ parents continue their fight for her – and I am doing my part by Walking for Violet.”

To find out more or to sponsor the million step challenge and to view an interactive map of the route, visit walkingforviolet.com


  • David Jeapes began his walk on 6 September and is traveling along the gruelling GR36 route in France at present.
  • He aims to reach Ouistreham ferry port on 1 October and will walk the UK leg of the journey from Portsmouth to Hastings over the final five days.
  • The schedule requires Mr Jeapes to walk 30km a day and five rest days are scheduled over the month.

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