Improving the Dining Experience in Education

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Improving the dining experience in education.

Constantly rising student numbers are increasing the pressure on dining halls. As a result many educational organisations are implementing multiple sittings at lunchtimes. This inevitably puts additional strain on resources and also risks creating a ‘food on the go’ culture where students feel rushed and unhappy. The Public Health Agency say that students’ wellbeing can be impacted by their surroundings and that improving their dining experience will encourage positive behaviour. This will also result in a happier and calmer population of students. Indeed the fact that Ofsted looks at the atmosphere and culture in the dining space shows the weight that is attached to the important subject of improving the dining experience in education.

If the obvious solution of extending your dining hall is out of reach due to budget limitations. Here are some suggestions for a cost-effective ways of improving the dining and break time experience at your organisation:

  • Using existing space better with new furniture such as foldable and “stationary chairs”,
  • Conversion of spare underused rooms for use as dining and social breakout space
  • Covering outside areas along with a mobile food server such as a servery pod
  • Installing a glazed extension alongside your existing buildings such as the ZONE™ Glazed Enclosed Structures

At Streetspace, we recognise the importance of improving the dining experience in education. Especially break times being viewed as a positive experience for students.  The ZONE™ Glazed Enclosed Structures provide a vibrant new dining, learning and circulation space either adjacent to your existing dining hall or freestanding in an underused area of the playground. Alternatively our exciting ORION™ range of aesthetically pleasing tensile structures with a servery pod for a lower cost alternative.

Contact us today to see how we can help you improve the dining experience in your organisation within your budget.

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