Dining out in style

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Here at Streetspace our mission is to help schools make the best use of their available spaces. One very important aspect of this is working with school caterers to provide adequate and appealing dining spaces and queueing canopies as part of investment plans in catering contracts.

Over recent years many schools have experienced considerable growth in the numbers of students attending, which has impacted on the provision of dining facilities. At the same time, these schools are often under increasing financial pressure and this can lead to difficulties when trying to expand facilities to cope with student numbers.

At Streetspace we focus on providing bespoke canopies to create additional dining space and covered queue lines, either associated with an existing dining hall or a remote servery pod, with the aim of increasing throughput and speed of service. We know that recent trends towards cashless payments and providing somewhere for students to stand and eat mean that traditional dining halls with benches and tables aren’t always appropriate anymore. And with cost being so vitally important to schools, we always strive to offer the best and most cost-effective solution.

The benefits of creating additional dining space include an increase in revenue, less overcrowding, a better dining experience, healthier meal choices by students, and reduced requirements for supervision and cleaning, as well as improved learning and behavioural outcomes. Creating a pleasant dining space is just as important as serving top-quality healthy meals when it comes to increasing the take-up of school lunches.

One very important aspect is that there are opportunities to gain capital funding for this sort of project. For example, when we worked on two dining spaces for The Compton School, the school put in a Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bid, other projects have actually been funded by the catering company through increased revenue.

In the future it is likely that many schools will see the numbers of students in attendance grow even further and this will inevitably put a strain on resources. However, here at Streetspace, we can help create additional dining space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional build. The opportunity to capitalise on this in terms of winning and maintaining contracts has not been lost on forward-thinking catering companies.

And the benefits of improving dining areas can be felt in other sectors too – for example, we have worked with several zoos and wildlife parks to enhance their facilities. Colchester Zoo reported that their completed project was “integrating perfectly with our ongoing programme of developing quality dining spaces across the Zoo, and thereby increasing visitor dwell times and ultimately customer spend.”

Please get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you make the most of your dining space!

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