Floodlit All-Weather Sports Canopy keeps your MUGA in use, earning income all year round

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Floodlit all-weather sports canopy

With available capital funding often a scarcity, have you considered all the possibilities that could make existing facilities work harder for you? Constructing a new sports hall may be out of reach. However installing a floodlit All-Weather Sports Canopy provides a very cost-effective alternative. Your pitches could then be in use year round whatever the weather, with increased benefit from hiring out to community groups during the evenings and weekends.

Letting out your facilities not only generates significant income, but can also help to build relationships with the community. Companies such as School Lettings Solutions work with many schools and colleges throughout the UK. This means their whole lettings programme and associated marketing, ensuring there is a no hassle revenue stream from their existing sports pitches, school halls, classrooms and gymnasiums; allowing you to focus on core business. There are many community sports clubs such as football, rugby, hockey, netball, korfball, basketball, karate and kickboxing, as well as health and fitness sessions that rely heavily on the availability of such accessible venues to function.

The Ultimate in Covered Multi-Use Games Area

A floodlit All-Weather Sports Canopy from Streetspace provides the ultimate in covered multi-use games areas with unique, no glare ambience, excellent light transmission qualities, a one-piece PVC tensile membrane with no joins to trap dirt or moisture and up to 36m of clear-span frame creating stunning design forms. Our Architectural Structure Fabrics are designed to provide outstanding performance and aesthetic beauty. These fabrics are the result of over 100 years of innovation and technical leadership in the architectural structure market. Our floodlit All-Weather Sports Canopy design is backed by our 15 year warranty and uses a PVC Tensile Membrane tensioned over steel framework with an alloy extrusion system and secured with galvanised steel fasteners.

If you’re looking to use your outdoor games area every day without having to worry about the weather or daylight. These versatile structures are the cost effective, long term solution you need!

Article Comments

  1. steve Haigh says:

    I would like to know the cost of a canopy for our MUGA pitch.

  2. MR says:

    I am emailing from a secondary school. We would be interested in finding out more about this idea. Is it possible to contact me next week (w/c 10th October) to discuss this?

  3. karen dyson says:

    I’m very interested in the sports canopy.

    • Terry Bedford says:

      Hello Karen, many thanks for your interest in our MUGA canopies.
      Could you send me your contact details via email to [email protected]
      Many thanks.

  4. Anne Giardelli says:

    I am interested in a flood lit canopy for our 4G

    • Terry Bedford says:

      Hello Anne, many thanks for your interest in our MUGA canopies.
      Could you send me your contact details via email to [email protected]
      Many thanks.

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