Wild® greenroof structures reproduce varied ecosystems in small spaces using advanced materials and production techniques to ensure their success. They provide a great opportunity to create pockets of biodiversity, bringing the enriching and enlightening natural world closer to our everyday lives within the same footprint as your proposed covered space project.

While it is true that ‘lightweight’ greenroof design is not new and there are specialist suppliers of the components that enable growing mediums to support greenroof establishment, it takes serious design know-how to bring this together into a deliverable canopy project. Wild® greenroof structures are products of the highly experienced Streetspace Group design team, ensuring that your greenroof system is specified correctly, the structural design is fully compliant and the overall aesthetic is a cohesive one.

The Wild® sedum roof used on smaller structures will often be an extensive system, meaning that it has a shallow substrate which is relatively lightweight and capable of supporting drought-tolerant species such as low-growing mosses and sedums. Installed as a pre-established turf, there are minimal establishment issues and ongoing maintenance requirements are limited to annual weed removal.

For larger projects we can specify Wild® biodiverse greenroof which is an intensive system boasting wildflowers, particularly those native to calcareous grassland, along with sedums, giving a more diverse sward and greatly extended flowering season. The spectacular flower display is very attractive to bees and butterflies, and leaving the vegetation uncut during the winter provides a food source for seed-eating birds and shelter for a wide range of invertebrates.

Wild® greenroof commercial canopies – including wooden canopy options – are a truly sustainable choice, demonstrating the commitment of your organisation to the safeguarding of our environment and its fragile ecosystems.

Case studies of greenroof canopies in London include AELTC Raynes Park, Kingsford Community College and Oval Quarter.


Greenroof Structure Case Studies: