Sport Facilities – Helping To Tackle Obesity

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Could sport facilities be part of the solution to tackling obesity? Diet, lifestyle, and pre-existing health conditions all have a part to play, but increasing the number of sports facilities around the UK and making them more accessible to all could also encourage children and adults to become more active, claims the Sport England Community Asset Fund.

As part of the Towards an Active Nation agenda, The Community Asset Fund is a programme dedicated to enhancing the spaces in the local community that give people the opportunity to be active, creating good customer experiences and financially sustainable facilities that benefit their community for years to come, changing lives and becoming a force for social good.

Obesity in the UK: a major problem

Health and fitness for people of all ages is a major social issue in the UK and one that’s contributing to an over-stretched NHS. The Health Survey for England 2016 estimates that 26.2% of adults in England are obese and a further 35.2% are classified as overweight. In addition, the study also found that 9.6% of reception age children (age 4-5) were obese, with a further 13.0% in the overweight category. At age 10-11 (year 6), 20.0% were obese, and 14.3% were overweight. In 2018, more than 22,000 children are severely obese.

Children living in deprived areas are more likely to be obese

Interestingly, the Health Survey for England also found that children living in deprived areas were more likely to be obese. At age 4-5, 6.6% of those in the least deprived areas were obese, compared with 12.5% of those in the most deprived areas of the UK. The Sport England Community Asset Fund is a programme dedicated to enhancing the spaces in these communities so both children and adults have more opportunities to be active.

Sports complex and facilities will play a vital role in tackling obesity

As well as traditional sport facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts and indoor gyms, the fund wants to encourage people to use outdoor spaces like canal towpaths, woodlands and open spaces to get their daily dose of exercise in an outdoor environment, and providing shelters for use as rest areas or meeting-points in strategic locations can dramatically increase usage.

Some of the more formal sports are more sensitive to weather due to playing surfaces becoming slippery for example, and with 30% of all available outdoor playing time lost due to bad weather or poor light in the UK, there is a need for all-weather sports facilities to support an active lifestyle.

Streetspace offers an innovative solution to this problem that lends itself well to outdoor sports facilities and pitches. Our all-weather sports canopies are made from a durable tensile membrane structure that brings multi-use sport complex and facilities to schools, colleges and communities. Our structures mean that your team can keep playing, come rain or shine.

Whatever the shade or shelter you require, we bring you steel-framed sports canopies and outdoor covers that are unrivalled in both cost and efficiency. Manufactured here in the UK, our advanced and specially manufactured systems come with a 20-year warranty, UV and airborne grime resistance and extreme durability. For more information, take a look at our products page or contact us for more details.

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