How Tensile Fabric Structures Can Improve Your School or University


The role of any educational institution is to give students a safe and functional space for learning. As a result, the architecture and layout of a school or campus plays a crucial role giving comfort to students, teachers and the administrative staff.

These factors are also essential when it comes to attracting new students or parents to a given educational institution. Installing tensile fabric structures can improve the look, feel or aesthetics of your school or college outdoor spaces.

Here’s how tensile fabric structures can add value or attractiveness to your school or college campus.


Adding aesthetics and artistic elements

Tensile fabric structures are capable of adding beauty and style to your school facilities regardless of size. They can add more colour or create an artistic sculpture that may end up being an important landmarks for your school or campus. If you’re looking to revamp the overall look of your school, you should consider creating attractive structures outdoors using tensile fabrics.


Case study one:

Surrey primary school administration recognized the need to use their outdoor spaces wisely. The team got in touch with Streetspace, an experienced construction firm which deals with tensile fabric structures and they were not disappointed.

The construction team was tasked with transforming the unused outdoor space into a dining and social space for students. At the same time, they were asked to create appealing structures that would improve the overall look of the school


Shell Canopy took on the challenge head on and hit the ground running. They primarily decided to use tensile fabric to create an amazing space for students. They used a combination of both neutral and vibrant colours to create stunning structures that everyone in the school would be proud of.

Aside from aesthetics, they built strong structures with the ability to withstand harsh weather. Today the primary school serves as an inspiration to many educational institutions planning to revamp their outdoor spaces.



Enhance comfort to your dining and seating areas


Spending long hours in the classroom can be overwhelming to both teachers and students, right?  This is why it’s essential to catch a break outside whether you are a student or teacher. Unfortunately, weather conditions can sometimes be harsh, making outdoor spaces unusable.

However, a school with a tensile fabric structure doesn’t have to worry about the weather outside. These structures are the ideal solution for transforming unused outdoor areas into functional and attractive spaces for students and teachers.


Cases study two:

Nottingham High School is day school with a rich history not only in Nottingham, but also the rest of the UK and the world in general. The school was founded more than 500 years ago and has largely been a boys-only school for all that period until 2015, when they started admitting girls.

The school administration wanted to revamp the look and functionality of the school by adding a social zone and dining area. The goal was to create a space where students would interact, relax and take lunches together. To do this, they wanted to have an expansive canopy that would protect students from the sun and rain. But at the same time, they didn’t want a structure that would in any way block the school’s view.

They got in touch with the design team at streetspace to carry out the project. Streetspace proposed creating a canopy with tensile fabric and they did an amazing job in the end. They created a functional and beautiful structure while adhering to the school’s budget.



Event Venue

Going to school or college isn’t just about learning in the classroom. There are tons of activities students do outside the classroom which enhance the overall learning experience. Tensile fabrics structures can be used to create outdoor venues where students can interact and have fun. In short, enhancing the learning experience in schools can be achieved by creating events that students love.


Case study 3:

The management at Isaac Newton Academy dreamed of creating a multi-purpose structure outdoor that would accommodate the needs of students and staff alike. They wanted a space that would be used for table tennis, seating and dining. Also, they wanted the space to be aesthetically pleasing so they requested decorative planters be included in the space.

Surprisingly, they chose tensile fabrics as the preferred materials for the project because of their low-cost and tough nature. They then contacted and contracted streetspace to carry out the project.

The design company took in the suggestions and did everything according to book. Streetspace not only created an attractive space but they also built a structure that would cover students adequately in case of bad weather.


Covered walkways and entryways

As mentioned earlier, tensile fabric structures are designed to make campus spaces beautiful and comfortable for all occupants. They can be used to create aesthetic and functional walkways, entryways, courtyards, etc. Many schools and colleges are turning to tensile fabric as the ideal for covering walkways and courtyards.


Case study 4:

The headmaster at Kent College wanted to create an eye-catching structure that would revamp the otherwise unappealing courtyard. The design team at streetspace was tasked with enhancing the space and they elected to use tensile fabric as the materials of choice.

And to make the design more attractive and meaningful, the schools’ emblem was added to the design of the structure. In addition, schools’ colours were included in the design and the results turned out to be pretty impressive.

Overall, the structure looks beautiful, especially when viewing it from the second or first floor. Ultimately, the wishes of the headmaster were to have the appearance of the courtyard spruced up.  The design team at streetspace over delivered on the task, to say the least.



Tensile fabric structures provide a cost-effective solution for any educational institution looking to cover and enhance outdoor spaces. These structures are attractive, durable, fire resistant and are a better alternative to traditional structures which are normally expensive and time consuming to put up.