How Outdoor Covers can Revitalise Lawn Bowls Clubs across the UK

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Outdoor lawn bowls is one of the most popular sports for the UK’s older generation. Not only does it help to maintain a competitive spirit within us, but bowls offers a fantastic social scene that builds friendships and keeps players feeling active. The top 20 players on the men’s World Bowls Tour reside in the UK, so it’s no surprise that the UK remains a hotbed of talent for both outdoor and indoor bowls!

But there is no doubt that many bowls clubs across the country could do more to generate a more consistent income from the use of their bowling greens, 52 weeks of the year. It can be disappointing that the well-kept greens have to be left out of action due to the UK’s inclement weather throughout the harsher months, but by simply providing an overhead cover for outdoor bowls greens, there would never need to be a cancelled match again.

The image of lawn bowls has always been genteel, but there is no denying that the game is becoming a more colourful sport and one that’s catching the eye of the younger generations. In fact, since May 2015, youngsters have been attracted by a new game called Barefoot Bowls, which is hoped to have a similarly positive impact on bowls clubs as footgolf has on lesser-known golf courses across the UK. With the lynchpins of the thousands of lawn bowls clubs across the country crossing their fingers that Barefoot Bowls and various other initiatives will help encourage youngsters to take up the sport.

It is said that more than half of the UK’s 5,000-plus bowling greens are at risk of closure by property developers and local councils looking to cut costs, so by covering existing outdoor greens it’s possible for clubs to demonstrate their economic and social viability to councils and developers; maintaining their existence.

By covering your club’s bowling greens, your club can ensure its members can play all day, every day, regardless of the UK’s climate which experiences anything between 100-200 days of rain each year. The members that enjoy a game during the day can still do so, allowing the youngsters to be introduced to the sport in the early evenings without risk of cancelling training sessions and junior matches.

For lawn bowls coaches and mentors for young bowlers, being able to establish a sustainable coaching provision all-year-round will not only help with coaching progression but also ensure a year-round income for the club.

If you are looking for information on the best type of structure to cover your club and advice on building a business case download our free guide:

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  1. Leyland Fox Lane Bowling Club says:

    Size of green 45metres x. 45 metres. Looking at coastings
    Looking at prices for covered with side panels out for regular play especiall6 in the 2inter with four leagues playing mon Tuesday Thursday and f4iday evenings

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