New social space is busy throughout school day

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An all-glazed extension was built to increase capacity at lunch time.

To tackle a lack of dining space a Northamptonshire school added an all-glazed extension to its campus.

Sponne School was faced with a huge challenge as it only had sufficient dining room seating for 150 pupils, yet had 1,350 on the school roll. Lunchtimes were a nightmare with fed-up students sitting on corridor floors and eating off disposable plates.

Streetspace was commissioned to tackle the problem and, for the budget available, recommended an all-glazed extension to transform an outdoor space into a dining room for 200 students.

ZONE™ glazed structures are unique to Streetspace and the bespoke glass building integrates perfectly with existing structures – at a fraction of the cost of a tradition build.

Fitting within the available budget, Streetspace created a large additional dining space transforming an unremarkable space outside into a bright, stylish and highly effective new social space available for both break-out lessons as well as breaks and lunchtime meals.

The glass structure is more cost-effective and offers better durability than many traditional builds, and the design included heating, cooling, ventilation and insulation requirements. It created the perfect covered space – protected from all the elements – all year round.

Sue Wagstaff, Business Manager at Sponne School, said: “It is busy at all times from before school, during break, lunch and after school.  The sixth form have also made use of it as a quiet study space where they can go and grab a coffee and do some work in a lovely light environment. I would recommend Streetspace and encourage other schools to come and have a look, as it is even better than we imagined when we started the project!”

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