New tensile canopy eases pressure at Marwell Zoo’s Café

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Streetspace are delighted to have been selected to design and install an exciting new tensile canopy, creating a covered outdoor dining area for Café Graze at the popular Marwell Zoo. As with many attractions, seating inside the Café was simply not sufficient in bad weather, making it difficult to provide the level of visitor experience they like to provide consistently all year round. This attractively designed tensile canopy in a prominent position overlooking the zebra paddock will not only provide shade in summer and increase dwell times in this location, but the removable fabric side panels will offer a protected environment from the prevailing weather throughout the winter months.

With tensile membrane structures it is possible to create distinctive and elegant forms to either complement existing architecture, or to create unique standalone features in their own right. The high-tech PVC architectural fabric has a PVDF top coat self-cleaning lacquering layer for improved UV resistance, ensuring the roof remains looking good for the full extent of its 25 year service life.

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