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Nigel Deacon | Streetspace Sales Director

As we head in to a new year, it is a good time to reflect on the previous 12 months, take stock of what has been achieved and anticipate the exciting challenges that lie ahead for Streetspace and the wider community we serve.

2017 has certainly been a year of change for the Streetspace team.  The demands of our ever-expanding customer base necessitated a change of address back in August when we moved from Wootton, our base of 20 years, and relocated our operations to Lympne Industrial Park, Hythe.  Doubling factory space and quadrupling office and amenity areas has allowed us to keep apace of increased orders, and continue to develop ever more innovative products and provide top class facilities.

Greater office space has been a priority as the Streetspace team continues to expand to meet the technical and commercial goals we have set ourselves. We have continuously invested in bringing together experts from many fields with the same diligence and precision we apply to the design, construction and installation of all our covered projects, and now have an even more enthusiastic and knowledgeable team in place to take Streetspace to the next level.

Building a great team has extended beyond simply our UK operation.  This summer, we announced our partnership with Greenline and Shade Systems NZ, the Southern Hemispheres shade and weather protection specialists.  With low levels of activity being such a hot topic of debate in the UK, we galvanised our offer by combining our industry know-how and installation expertise with two global experts in sports canopies with decades of experience and thousands of successful projects to their names.

We are entering a new year with the clear intent of delivering the best and most innovative covered space solutions in the UK.  In addition to the traditional applications such as dining, social and outdoor learning, we are also seeing a substantial increase in the use of canopies to create all-weather sports facilities, thereby hugely increasing participation and overall levels of activity.

Thank you for your business and ongoing interest in our company and we wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to working with you in the future.

Nigel Deacon | Streetspace Sales Director

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