Overview: ORION Barrel Vault™

ORION Barrel Vault™ tensile fabric structures use clever engineering to create clear span covered space; a versatile design that is installed over such areas as sports courts, swimming pools and aircraft hangars. Other potential applications include canopies and walkways for education, providing additional dining space for schools, outdoor classrooms and outdoor dining shelters. Lower canopy edges provide excellent weather protection and a high centre line accommodates sports clearances. The tensioned fabric membrane cover lets in natural ambient light whileblocking harmful UV rays and glare, which can be particularly beneficial when used as canopies for schools and sports facilities.

The flexible design aesthetic and distinctive elegant form of a tensile structure results from the characteristics unique to membrane tension. In daylight, fabric membrane translucency provides diffused, naturally lit spaces, while at night, artificial lighting can be used to create an ambient exterior luminescence. The lightweight nature of tensile membrane design requires less structural steel compared with conventional roof coverings, enabling clear spans of column-free space.

The durability and longevity of tensile membrane design is well proven with canopy structures installed in climates ranging from arctic cold to scorching desert heat. ORION™ fabric membrane manufacture complies with all relevant national regulations for fire resistance. ORION™ tensile structures use a PVC-based architectural fabric manufactured with a PVDF self-cleaning top lacquering layer. These advanced fabrics have a lifespan equal to alternative covering materials with a 25-year design life, covered by a manufacturer-backed warranty for up to 10 years dependent on specification.

Learn more about FTO SERIES Architectural PVC for ORION Canopies.

What Our ORION Barrel Vault™ Tensile Structure Customers Say:

“The new canopy has proved a great success with both students and staff at the Academy. During break and lunch times, the
students play table tennis and relax on the stone benching underneath the cover. Not only does it provide shelter from the wet
weather, but also some much-needed shade in the summer months. We are really pleased with the result.”

Helen Chamberlain
Finance and Resources Director, Isaac Newton Academy

Why Specify ORION Barrel Vault™ Tensile Structures?

Our projects are managed in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015, ensuring that at all levels there is consistency in planning, management, monitoring and coordination of Health & Safety. Streetspace design, manufacturing and construction processes are accredited to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 and BS EN 1090 CE EXC 2 giving you confidence in each element of the project realisation.

We take the worry out of your canopy installation with comprehensive project capability to undertake enabling groundworks, surfacing and landscaping. This single point accountability results in less projects for you to manage. Offsite manufacture enables your project to be installed with minimum disruption. ORION™ structures are typically installed in 2-3 days and site fitting over two subsequent weekends can be accommodated.

Tall Centreline
The clear span rafter design of ORION Barrel Vault™, free from lattice beam obstructions, is ideal for sporting applications and creates a spacious feel under the canopy.

One-Piece Fabric Membrane
With a one-piece element ensuring there are no joins in the cover to trap dirt or moisture and advanced fabric coatings providing a super smooth surface, the level of maintenance required to keep these structures looking their best is reduced.

Canopy Design Flexibility
ORION Barrel Vault™ offers great scope to engineer the canopy design to best suit your project location. This can include structure height, span width and eaves oversail detail to increase shade and weather protection.

All Weather Protection
Increase shade and inclement weather protection even further with the barrel vault option of continuous eaves height around gable ends. This allows rainwater to be collected on all sides of the canopy.

Sound Absorption Qualities
With membrane fabrics providing a soft element within the canopy design, the sound of rain, voices and echo are absorbed to a much greater extent than a hard roof covering such as polycarbonate or steel sheet.

Positive Light Transmissions
The combination of ‘no-glare’ ambience with excellent light transmission is a great feature of fabric membranes, allowing natural light to illuminate the area beneath the canopy and eliminating the need for lighting during the day.

High Sunlight Reflectivity
Where tensile membrane structures are located close to adjacent buildings, high levels of sun reflectivity and low absorption of sunlight under the canopy, result in a lower energy requirement to maintain room temperatures.

Great Aesthetics
Soft curves and one-piece architectural membranes with minimal supporting
steelwork provide a modern, stylish look to break the hard surfaces of conventional materials.

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