Overview: ORION Hypar™ Tensile Structures 

Utilising the hyperbolic paraboloid, ORION Hypar™ fabric canopies are probably the simplest of all tensile structures with a distinctive shape created when the diagonally opposite corners of a sail are raised. This ‘twist’ produces the hypar form, while opposing tension forces keep the canopy membrane tight across the span. The ORION Hypar™ is just one of our range of canopies for schools and businesses and these simple yet stylish outdoor shelters can be used almost anywhere – for example, to provide additional dining space for schools or playground shelter.

The flexible design aesthetic and distinctive elegant form of a tensile structure results from the characteristics unique to membrane tension. In daylight, fabric membrane translucency provides diffused, naturally lit spaces, while at night, artificial lighting can be used to create an ambient exterior luminescence. The lightweight nature of tensile membrane design requires less structural steel compared with conventional roof coverings, enabling clear spans of column-free space.

The durability and longevity of tensile membrane design is well proven with canopy structures installed in climates ranging from arctic cold to scorching desert heat. ORION™ fabric membrane manufacture complies with all relevant national regulations for fire resistance. ORION™ tensile structures use a PVC-based architectural fabric manufactured with a PVDF self-cleaning top lacquering layer. These advanced fabrics have a lifespan equal to alternative covering materials with a 25-year design life, covered by a manufacturer-backed warranty for up to 10 years dependent on specification.

Where the project brief is for shade provision rather than being fully waterproof, ORION™ shade sails can be specified with a durable mesh fabric, available in a range of vibrant colours, for a highly economical cover.

Learn more about Shadetec 320® Fabric for ORION Hypar™ Shade Sails.

Learn more about FTO SERIES Architectural PVC for ORION Canopies.

What Our ORION Hypar™ Tensile Structure Customers Say:

“The 3D visuals were invaluable in gaining stakeholder support and the finished canopies are absolutely stunning. The Project Management and Installation Teams were excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending Streetspace or using them again.”

Chris Goodrich
Director of Facilities, The Mountbatten School

Why Specify ORION Hyper™ Tensile Structures?

From your project brief we outline available options to help optimise usage and meet your specific canopy requirements. Our team generate CGI renders of the proposed project in location to bring clarity to your decision making process. Working with our team gives you the technical expertise required to address planning approval, specialist dynamic modelling, structural analysis and all aspects of regulatory compliance. 

Our partnership with leading architectural membrane structure providers in Australia and New Zealand, brings decades of experience to your project. Peace of mind is ensured with industry leading manufacturer backed warranties. Project handover issues all completion documents; O&M Manuals, H&S File and Warranty. Opting for our annual inspection and report programme provides you with the assurance that your canopy will be maintained correctly over the long term. 


PVC Architectural Membranes
Advanced PVC Architectural Membranes with stainless steel perimeter cables
provide optimum year round shade and weather protection.

Fabric Colour Choice
With a choice of 11 designer colours from our FTO PVC architectural membrane
range and 14 colours from the Shadetec 320® fabrics, you have great scope to create vibrant and imaginative covered spaces.

Shade Sail Canopy
For canopy structures where the primary objective is shade and UV protection,
ORION Hypar™ is specified with Shadetec 320® fabric, available in a range of
vibrant colours and with a manufacturer backed 10 year warranty.

Steelwork Coating
With the fabric colour choice availability and a full range of BS4800 and RAL colours for powder coating finishes, the possibilities for coordinated design themes are practically endless!

Structural Design
To create the hyperbolic form form there must be tensioning points on opposing
corners and ORION Hypar™ can be specified with our over-braced design creating
a standalone tensioned frame without the requirement for cast in column foundations.

Modular Layouts
ORION Hypar™ is ideally suited to multiple canopy installations, connected to form
visual interest as well as practical shelter. Additional structures can be added over
time with a continued design theme.

Custom Designs
ORION Hypar™ custom design enables the creation of stunning architectural canopy structures to cover spectator seating and outdoor performance areas such
as amphitheatres.

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