Overview: ORION Shield™ Tensile Structures 

With a freeform shape not limited by conventional canopy and shelter design constraints, tensile structures provide superb scope for innovative structures like the ORION Shield™. The attractive curved spine profile of ORION Shield™ creates a distinctive aesthetic feature for both contemporary and traditional settings, while a consistent eaves height offers excellent weather protection and even shading under the structure.

The potential applications of ORION™ tensile structures range from canopies and walkways for schools, colleges and universities to retail canopies and also sun canopies in exposed locations. Canopies for education can serve several different purposes, such as providing sheltered dining space outdoors or a playground canopy.

The flexible design aesthetic and distinctive elegant form of a tensile structure results from the characteristics unique to membrane tension. In daylight, fabric membrane translucency provides diffused, naturally lit spaces, while at night, artificial lighting can be used to create an ambient exterior luminescence. The lightweight nature of tensile membrane design requires less structural steel compared with conventional roof coverings, enabling clear spans of column-free space.

The durability and longevity of tensile membrane design is well proven with canopy structures installed in climates ranging from arctic cold to scorching desert heat. ORION™ fabric membrane manufacture complies with all relevant national regulations for fire resistance. ORION™ tensile canopy structures use a PVC-based architectural fabric manufactured with a PVDF self-cleaning top lacquering layer. These advanced fabrics have a lifespan equal to alternative covering materials with a 25-year design life, covered by a manufacturer-backed warranty for up to 10 years dependent on specification.

Case studies of tensile structure canopies include Kew House School, Nottingham High School and Colchester Zoo.

Learn more about FTO SERIES Architectural PVC for ORION Canopies. 

What Our ORION Shield™ Tensile Structure Customers Say:

“The stunning canopy form was developed to provide an iconic feature close to the zoo entrance, as well as a superlative level of weather-protection without compromising the design of the existing restaurant building. Streetspace, as we have come to expect, delivered a zero-defect project, on time and without disruption to the operation of our world-class tourist attraction.”

Dr DA Tropeano OBE
CEO, Colchester Zoo

Why Specify ORION Shield™ Tensile Structures?

Our projects are managed in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015, ensuring that at all levels there is consistency in planning, management, monitoring and coordination of Health & Safety. Our partnership with leading architectural membrane structure providers in Australia and New Zealand, brings decades of experience to your project. Peace of mind is ensured with industry leading manufacturer backed warranties.

Working with our team gives you the technical expertise required to address planning approval, specialist dynamic modelling, structural analysis and all aspects of regulatory compliance. From your project brief we outline available options to help optimise usage and meet your specific canopy requirements. Our team generate CGI renders of the proposed project in location to bring clarity to your decision making process.

Design Flexibility
The versatile cantilever design of ORION Shield™ enables spans widths up to 9m and a maximum canopy length of 22m. Structure height, cover radius, column centres and oversail is specific to each canopy and its interface with adjacent structures.

Low-Profile Forms
The unobtrusive form of ORION Shield™ canopies is ideally suited to covered space projects where the obtaining of planning consent due to the architectural impact or obstruction of views from surrounding property, is likely to be an issue.

Fabric Colour Choice
A choice of 11 FTO PVC architectural membrane colours and 15 Monotec 320® shade fabric colours enable creation of vibrant, covered space projects.

Timeless Style
A canopy design that will not look out of place with a backdrop of either traditional or contemporary building fabric is hard to find! ORION Shield™ canopies have been installed in the grounds of historic properties and sixth floor terrace developments!

Column-Free Space
With just 4 support columns on the central spine for the largest 200m² ORION Shield™, the usability of this covered space is exceptional. The immensely strong steel frame is designed and manufactured in accordance with our BS EN 1090 EXC 2 accreditation.

Steelwork Coating
With the fabric colour choice together with the full range of BS4800 and RAL colours for powder coating finishes the possibilities for coordinated or exciting contrasts in colour are practically endless!

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