All-Weather Outdoor Sports Canopies

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Andy Murry

All-Weather Outdoor Sports Canopies

Giving Tennis a New Lease of Life – All-Weather Outdoor Sports Canopies

Three-time Grand Slam champion, Andy Murray, recently undertook emergency surgery on his troublesome right hip.  The injury has put his incredible career on hold; preventing him from playing a competitive match since Wimbledon in July 2017, where he lost to Sam Querrey in the five-set quarter-final.

The question now being asked by sports pundits, and Murray himself, is whether this remodelled hip will give a new lease of life to the former world number one and allow him to carry on playing the sport he loves or force him to retire from a game he has helped to define.

Nigel Deacon looks at Murray’s predicament and asks how the sport could better safeguard the needs and well-being of future tennis players, whatever their ability.

‘It is always hugely disappointing when a sporting champion’s career is derailed by sustained injuries that they cannot overcome.  Murray is a fighter and I have little doubt that our tennis champ has the resolve, willpower, coaching support and facilities to come back and triumph on the tournament circuit.   If Murray has the necessary recovery time to fully recuperate, I am positive he will once again be top of his game.’

‘I really can empathise with Murray’s frustrating predicament; having such demonstrable talent, ability and passion for the game yet unable to play must be demoralising.’

‘Injuries like Murray’s can disrupt and prematurely end many a successful career; traversing every discipline.  However, being prevented from playing the sport of your choice, for reasons beyond your control, isn’t restricted to professional athletes or defined by injury.’

‘Even casual tennis players who enjoy a weekly game can lose their momentum and motivation if they don’t get to play their sport with regular frequency.’

‘Focused amateur tennis players frequently push themselves too hard, snatching every available opportunity to train and improve; picking up injuries that could have been avoided in more tempered conditions and under better supervision.’

‘How often do great sporting intentions, fired up by inspirational tennis played out on the courts at Wimbledon, wither away as the days get wetter, daylight hours become shorter and the opportunity to play simply vanishes?’

‘At Streetspace Urban Structures we understand the frustration of not playing and think our all-weather outdoor sports canopies, developed in conjunction with our shelter and shade partners, Greenline and Shade Systems, could shape the future of the game in the UK.’

If you want to give your outdoor tennis courts a new lease of life for every day use, whatever the weather or daylight, please get in contact and we can let you know more about our versatile structures that provide the ultimate cover with unique, no glare ambience.

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