Improving safeguarding a top priority for school

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Young ambassadors of St Andrew’s CofE Primary School, Surrey talk about the positive change Streetspace has made to the school facilities.

Creating a safe, secure school campus demanded a range of measures to bring a Surrey school up to the standards wanted by its leadership team.

St Andrew’s CofE Primary School, Cobham, was created on the site of a secondary school and staff and pupils were concerned just how open the area was to the public.

The layout of buildings even required pupils to walk outside the front of the school to access another part of the campus.

To help tackle the issues Streetspace was brought in to create a covered walkway to enclose the path pupils travelled at the front of the school. In addition, the school added perimeter fencing and had a new door fob entry system installed.

To further improve the campus a covered canopy was installed in a courtyard area to expand the amount of space available at lunchtime.

The dining room capacity at St Andrew’s has been expanded by using an all-weather outdoor canopy

Jo Mitchell, Co-Head Teacher, said: “The Streetspace covered walkway runs alongside the dining room and means the whole front of the school is enclosed. It ensures children having lessons in the hall are not disturbed and therefore visitors can only access the school through reception.

“Before Streetspace put in the covered canopy the dining room was quite overcrowded, and the noise levels were higher than we wanted and it made it difficult to manage. Now we have practically doubled our dining space and that has really helped the children choose where they want to go and eat. It’s helped with the noise levels and made the dining experience much more pleasant.

“Although we envisaged we would be increasing the dining capacity, we’ve actually found other uses for it as well which has been great for our school. Because it is a covered space we have been able to use it through the year for clubs, for teacher and parent events and it’s just been a very useful space for the children to go at various times during their week.”

Alexis, Morpurgo Class, said: “I like this outdoor space because either when its summer or winter, raining or hot you can always eat outside. Inside the dining hall it can get so hot.”

Callum, Morpurgo Class, said: “I really like the layout of the tables because they are square and it is easy to chat to friends, it is so much more sociable. Inside the dining hall it can be very noisy.”

Genevieve, Bear Grylls Class, said: “I like this space because in the summer you can always come out here and even in the winter if it is raining you can use the area because it is sheltered.”

Laylla, Bear Grylls Class, said: “I am in the girls’ football team and we use this space for team talks before training. If someone is struggling to understand stuff and needs something explained we do that under the covered canopy.”

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