Creating A Positive Learning Environment In The Face Of Funding Cuts

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Funding cuts to schools create a huge obstacle to quality education. Unfortunately, schools in the UK are under severe financial pressure as they try to deliver high quality education in the face of rising costs and real-time funding cuts. As a result, many education establishments across the country are seeking innovative methods to thrive, despite their lack of resources.

In May 2018, The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) reported that the impact of the school funding crisis on individual student support was set to worsen over the next 12 months. This is because more than half of school leaders say that government cuts have reduced individual support for students. By May 2019, this rises to 65% of school leaders who expect that cost savings will result in a further reduction of support.

Similarly, the ASCL found funding pressures have resulted in reduced mental health support, which will only worsen over the next 12 months.

All school leaders want to offer the best levels of teaching, learning and support to their students, and a positive learning environment is crucial to good assessment outcomes. So how is it possible to continue high standards of education when the budget is no longer there? Here are three steps to help you maintain a positive learning environment in the face of cuts.

Encourage physical activity

Physical activity has a whole raft of physical and mental benefits – including reduced exam stress, better physical health, less absenteeism and better memory and concentration. In fact, studies have shown that exercise is highly effective at treating mild to moderate depression – a condition that affects around 1 in 4 teenagers today.

Work with your space

Time spent outdoors is proven to support good mental health. For this reason, more schools are focusing on enhancing their existing outdoor spaces. Some are trialling outdoor classrooms, while others are creating low-cost all-weather sports facilities and covered dining spaces to encourage students to spend more time in nature. According to a 2016 BBC report, learning outdoors helps boost engagement and is beneficial to overall mental and physical health.

Accommodate different learning styles

Not all students work well in a classroom environment – some prefer to study on their own terms in a quiet area. Other pupils may need social stimulation and interaction to get the most out of their studies. As such, a combination of “quiet” and “social” breakout areas can accommodate students with a variety of learning styles.

Transforming your school space on a budget

Streetspace can work with your budget and space requirements to help you enhance your existing space. We can offer a variety of cost-effective, durable structures for dining halls or sports facilities, as well as traditional builds. We work with the highest quality materials and equipment, and we are committed to improving indoor and outdoor spaces for learning environments. To find out more about what we can do, view our case studies online or contact us today.

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