Immigration contributing to pressure on education system

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Increase Pupil Numbers In Schools

A recent government report reveals the full impact of years of immigration on the state education system at a time of growing strain on classroom places. Schools are under huge pressure with the number of school-aged children arriving in the UK reaching a record 25,000 in a single year! An influx of this size would require the equivalent of about 27 new average-sized secondary schools – or 100 primary schools – to be built to cope with the rise in demand for places.

A government spokesperson recently stated “we will deliver 600,000 more school places over the next five years.” But how can we have confidence that this will actually be delivered and students futures not be compromised? Classrooms and teachers are obviously the first priority but then there is also the need for quality social space to ensure that students get the maximum benefit from their time in the classroom. Given the vagaries of our climate, we believe that one of the best ways is to maximise the potential of existing school facilities by enclosing playgrounds or courtyards to create multi-use space suitable for learning, dining and social activities, all year round.

There is a recent example of this at Sheringham School in Norfolk. Academy Trust Business Manager, Jo Knowlden, comments “The students at Sheringham School are absolutely thrilled with the new dining space. Not only does it resolve long-standing safety issues associated with over-crowding, it has also enabled us to create a vibrant new social space which looks fantastic, particularly now that the servery is open for business. It is already proving to be a real asset for the school.”

Please contact a member of our team to arrange a free consultation so that we can demonstrate how a Zone structure could help your school cope with the steadily increasing number of students.

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