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Forbes estimates that in 2017 alone the 19-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer, will have personally amassed $64 million from prize money and earnings from both endorsements and appearances. This not only makes him the highest earning tennis player but the 4th highest paid athlete in the World. Federer joins an exclusive top 10 of the World’s wealthiest athletes who are at the top of their game in their chosen field and now possess unimaginable riches; earning a cumulative $3.11 billion over the last 12 months.

Incredible success

Aside from sharing incredible success and wealth, these outstanding athletes all had their talent spotted at an early age; receiving the support and resources to pursue their dreams from the earliest age.

Eclectic list

The eclectic list consists of 4 basketball players, 2 really rather good footballers, 1 American football player, 1 tennis ace, a golfer and a racing driver.


Interestingly the only 2 Brits on the list, Rory McIlroy and Lewis Hamilton are excelling in sports they probably never would have had the chance to play at school.


Nonetheless, schools, who understand the sporting ambitions of their pupils, clearly continue to play a pivotal role in the development and achievement of sporting excellence with time devoted to team and individual practice, high quality coaching, organisation and facilities.

Roger Federer admitted as much in a recent interview.

“If I wasn’t a tennis player I’d probably be a soccer player, or I would have figured out at school what I would have become.”

Sporting powerhouse

Independent schools that have the vision, drive and resources can, and do, make sporting champions. Millfield is well established as a sporting powerhouse; around 50 alumni achieve international selection every year in cricket, swimming, athletics, polo and modern pentathlon. Old Reptonians make up five of the GB women’s hockey squad and there are five Whitgiftians in the national Under 21 team.

Over-achieving athletes

The drive, ambition and focus to produce the next generation of over-achieving athletes is already in place with only our unpredictable weather as a malevolent factor that can’t be controlled. Until now.

At Streetspace Urban Structures, we can boost the functionality of your existing facilities and help strengthen your offer of unfaltering sporting excellence with the provision of our all-weather shade and shelter sports canopies; whatever your sport.

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