Tensile Structures – Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

bright red and yellow school playground canopy
underside of bright canopy
small bright canopy in playground
red and yellow school playground canopy

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School

ORION™ Shell Canopy 7500mm (w) x 14000mm (l)

The ORION™ Shell Canopy provides this Surrey Primary School with an undeniably appealing structure. Offering great protection from the elements combined with an attractive form, the Shell design works with both contemporary and traditional buildings, allowing schools to enhance their image at the same time as providing the recommended levels of covered area for dining, play or social space all year round.

A perfect choice for standalone canopies and available in a range of both vibrant and neutral colours with our superior waterproof fabric boasting a 15 year guarantee and easy-clean surface, the ORION™ Shell Canopy maintains a consistent eaves height for a good level of weather protection all year round.


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ORION™ Shell Tensile Membrane Canopy
Symmetric Radius Rafter Design / Tensioned Corner Posts / Perimeter Cable Edge
Steelwork PPC RAL3003 Ruby Red / Hiraoka 104T Yellow
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School. Chestnut Grove, New Malden, London
April 2015