Safety Risk from Congested Corridors and Blocked Fire Exits

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Insufficient dining space leading to congested corridors and blocked fire exits is unarguably a safety risk that cannot be overlooked. Many schools have found, however, that there is a cost-effective solution.

The limited availability of capital funding is leading many schools to consider alternatives to a traditionally-constructed dining facility. Many clients have found that either a Triton™ Canopy or the Zone™ Glazed Enclosed Building fit the bill perfectly; being comfortable for use all year round and therefore suitable for a range of short-duration uses including dining, assemblies, events and lettings and all in a simple, affordable package.

When coupled with an improvement in learning outcomes, increased take-up of healthy meal options and an expanded student offering – particularly for 6th Form – many benefits that you previously considered hopelessly unachievable are now brought within your reach.

Let Streetspace handle your whole project, from initial assessment and options analysis through the requisite planning and building control processed to a quick and hassle-free installation – you may be surprised how much value we could add to your school facilities.

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