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The stylish covered canopy accommodates multiple wickets and is well lit and protects against the elements

There can be no greater opportunity to encourage the next generation to embrace cricket than one of its champions winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Ben Stokes, 28, becomes the first cricketer since Andrew Flintoff in 2005 to win the prize and earned the accolade after his Man of the Match performance in beating New Zealand to ensure England won the World Cup.

To truly maximise the health and sporting opportunities this profile is generating, schools and clubs need to make the correct decisions over where to invest to boost facilities.

Streetspace offers a wealth of expertise for schools and clubs aiming to capitalise on the profile generated by this success.

With the vagaries of the British weather always a factor affecting sport, Streetspace can create an all-weather covered wicket to provide a warm well-lit space to allow practice right through the year. Regular practice with any sport is critical in building a positive sporting habit into the lives of young players being coached to reach their potential.

The beauty of Streetspace all-weather sports canopies is that the advanced tensile membrane cover system can create a purpose-built facility at a fraction of the cost of a traditional build.

And with covered pitches and multi-use games areas achieving four times the activity use than those open to the elements, this is a great way to boost sports at your school or club. Even greater use can be achieved if the covered pitch is opened up to the wider community through evening or weekend use, should an income stream be needed to cover build costs.

A stylish outdoor canopy will not just provide practical support to encourage sport, but also be an inspiring facility that will leave a lasting and positive legacy for decades.

To find out more about canopies for schools, covered MUGAs or canopies and walkways contact

  • Up to 35 per cent light transmission is achievable through tensile membrane fabrics, which also cut out harmful UV rays.
  • Streetspace all-weather sports canopies have a 20-year warranty and include high performance coatings to provide exceptional resistance to UV penetration and airborne grime.
  • Case study – Revoe Learning Academy

The external view of the covered wicket enabling players to be coached no matter what the weather

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