Overview: Sportspace365™ : All Weather Sports Canopy Structure

With up to 30% of all available playing time in the UK lost due to bad weather or poor light conditions, the benefits that covered and floodlit all-weather sports facilities can bring to our communities is well understood! The right investment in covered sports areas can provide inspirational shade and shelter for generations to come, while incremental revenue and operational savings realised upon completion provide significant financial offset over time.

Sportspace365™ all-weather sports canopies are permanent architectural structures designed to provide outstanding performance, aesthetic beauty and durability over the long term backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. Sportspace365™ PVC tensile membrane cover is tensioned over the steel framework through an alloy extrusion system, offering unrivalled cost efficiency in construction and operational maintenance for large-scale covered MUGA space.

Offering a superior playing experience to many enclosed alternatives, Sportspace365™ is an open ventilating structure with dry, UV-protected and well-lit courts, having air flow and temperatures in accord with the external environment. There is also the option of removable mesh sides to keep out the wind and rain without allowing stale air and condensation to build up. Developed over decades of covered space projects, our global partnership is dedicated to the provision of year-round, all-weather playing environments that encourage people of all ages into sporting activities for their fitness and wellbeing.

However, the potential use of Sportspace365™ structures is not restricted to sports canopies as they are also suitable as canopies for schools – for example, to provide playground shelter – and also commercial canopies.

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Why Specify Sportspace365™ : All Weather Sports Canopy? 

Sportspace365™ offers a superior playing experience to many enclosed alternatives as an open ventilating structure with air flow and temperatures in accord with the external environment. The option of removable mesh sides keep out the wind and rain without allowing stale air and condensation to build up. Soft curve, one-piece membranes with minimal supporting steelwork provides a modern yet unobtrusive look to break the hard surfaces of conventional materials. A simpler planning process is possible due to the minimal impact of the canopy structure on views and floodplain compared to traditional buildings and air-supported designs.

With available playing space at a premium for many inner-city sporting facilities, Sportspace365™ vertical column design delivers a compact canopy footprint and the ability to engineer dimensions to accommodate most sport types. By locating our structural columns on piled foundations just outside court perimeters, Sportspace365™ is engineered for installation over existing playing areas with minimal disruption; avoiding the escalating construction and resurfacing costs often associated with covered court projects.

Advanced Tensile Membrane Cover Systems
These versatile structures provide the ultimate in covered multi-use games areas; genuine ‘no glare’ ambience, one-piece PVC tensile membrane with no joins to trap dirt or moisture, excellent light transmission, exceptional resistance to UV penetration and superb durability covered by a class leading warranty.

Reduced Noise and Light Pollution
The manufactured qualities of fabric membranes make the covered space below a cool, pleasant environment without the damp and cold of hard covers. With fabrics providing a soft element within the canopy design, the sound of rain, voices and echo are absorbed.

Long Term, Low-Maintenance Structures
PVC tensile membranes stay cleaner for longer with new improved fabric coatings providing exceptional resistance to airborne grime and super smooth surfaces reducing the level of maintenance required to keep the structure looking its best.

Natural Light Transmission without Harmful UV
With up to 35% light transmission available our tensile membrane fabrics achieve lower daytime lighting requirements while still cutting out harmful UV rays. This brings with it the potential to re-use existing floodlighting.

Durability for Park Environments
Designed for covered space across a broad project spectrum, Sportspace365™ canopies are well suited to public, unmanned facilities with an inherent resistance to damage having no vulnerable fabrics or components within reach of the ground.

UK Manufactured
Developed in Australasia and now manufactured in the UK, compliant with all relevant EN and LTA criteria, Streetspace canopy structures enable your project to benefit from short lead times and stable costs, not susceptible to variance in exchange rates.

Benefit from Technical Expertise
Streetspace work closely with specialist funding and bid-writing agencies to provide every possible assistance throughout your consultation, business case, planning, and regulatory processes as you work towards making your covered sports area vision a reality!

Single Source Procurement
Streetspace project capability enables associated works packages such as civil engineering, court fencing, flood lighting, sports surfacing and access requirements to be undertaken within the same project management remit.

Start your All Weather Sports Canopy Journey! 

Whether you are at the ‘exploring options’ stage or further down the road with you chosen project, we are great believers in the shared value to early discussion! At Streetspace we’re passionate about intelligent design for covered outdoor projects. The combined strength of our team provides knowledge, experience and creative vision, to deliver truly inspirational outcomes for organisations like yours and the wider communities they support.


Our Global Partnership

Our partnership with industry leaders; Greenline Group Pty. Ltd and Shade Systems NZ based in Sydney NSW and Auckland New Zealand respectively, draws on many years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of canopy structures across Australasia and the Pacific.

Over two generations, Greenline have installed more than 2000 canopy structures across Australia; softening the sun’s effect and creating carefully designed community areas. Completed projects now provide shade and all year-round weather protection for walkways, pools, playgrounds, sports courts, outdoor learning, car parks and schools. Partnering with Melanoma Institute Australia, their ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign is successfully raising funds for the charity while assisting in the creation of healthier, safer and stronger communities.

With more than 60 years expertise, Shade Systems tagline ‘cover for generations’ describes a company that has delivered many significant canopy structures throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific. Shade Systems work closely with customers who have a duty of care protecting those using their facilities; enhancing the look and safe use of community spaces with canopy designs that support healthy outdoor activity; providing a clean, dry and sheltered area for multiple purposes.

Together, this dynamic partnership channels our combined experience, creativity and enthusiasm, delivering winning sports canopy solutions across the globe.


All-Weather Sports Canopy Projects by Greenline


All-Weather Sports Canopy Projects by Shade Systems