Sports Covers: Generate Additional Income for Your School

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Could your school or college be using its sports facilities to generate more income? Most schools and colleges have an excellent range of school sports facilities and whilst these are used extensively during the school day, many schools could be missing out on an opportunity to generate extra revenue at evenings and weekends!

There is another interesting dimension to this though; the Sport & Recreation Alliance recently commissioned a report to consider the general health of grassroots sports clubs and the self-perceived challenges and threats to their continued survival. Notably, 25% of clubs said a lack of availability of sports facilities was a serious problem and 57% are already relying on access to public sports facilities.

Commenting on the findings of the report Emma Boggis, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, said “Ensuring the long-term health and development of grassroots sport and recreation clubs is of vital importance to us all. The findings of this survey indicate that, while sports clubs are generally in a good state, there are increasing concerns about the lack of available sports facilities for clubs and their members to use. Clubs are also struggling to recruit skilled and experienced coaches, as well as volunteers, to ensure that their club can offer wide-ranging and high-quality sessions.

Most of the schools that we have worked with enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership with the sports clubs in their immediate communities, enabling their excellent facilities to be put to good use outside of normal school hours, often charging relatively modest fees. However, many of the outdoor facilities are still massively under-utilised due to unfavourable weather conditions for much of the year, resulting in cancelled fixtures and loss of income and benefit to society as a whole.

Such school assets can be found at the heart of almost every local community and their importance should not be under-estimated, particularly as many local authorities are facing budgetary challenges in the continued provision of their public leisure facilities.

Consider then, how much value you could add to your school’s sports facilities by covering outdoor courts, bringing certainty of play to a climate that sees on average 100-200 days of rain a year. Not only will a massive increase in court availability and quality bring a huge benefit to your local community, it will also generate a dramatic rise in income from increased bookings and higher court fees.

Try our free Cover Court ROI Calculator:

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