Sports Minister aims to boost sport in schools

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Girl jumping to bounce volleyball

It is no secret that here at Streetspace we are vocal supporters of helping children to pursue active lifestyles (for example, see recent blogs about funding sports activities at schools and supporting active travel). And so, we were very interested to read earlier this year that Mims Davies, Sports Minister, thinks that “it’s time to put sport and physical activity on a par with reading and writing.”

Davies took on the role in November 2018 and in her first major sport speech, she outlined ambitions to boost sport in schools. This includes ensuring that children are “physically literate” and are given fundamental skills needed to build “a sporting habit for life”. Overall, there are three main priorities that she hopes to tackle in her role: harnessing sporting excellence to inspire the nation, fostering a culture of integrity and fairness, and increasing engagement and physical activity.

In advance of Davies’ speech at UK Sport’s launch of its future funding strategy, it was reported that the minister would issue “a call to action for all organisations, big and small, across the sport and physical activity sector. As a minimum, schools must ensure children are physically literate. They need to learn how to run, jump, throw, catch … To achieve this, we need schools to deliver high-quality sport and physical activity throughout the school day and ensure that all children have a positive first experience of sport.”

At Streetspace we fully support all efforts to increase children’s physical activity at school, which will help to build “a sporting habit for life”. We believe that this is vital for the mental and physical well-being of our future generations.

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