Total Project Delivery™ is a refreshing approach to the project management of your proposed covered space, from an organisation knowledge-rich in the delivery of innovative solutions and efficient design. 

Producing cost-estimates on a range of solutions to your project brief, we help you optimise occupational usage, meeting specific aesthetic, environmental and economic requirements for your new canopy area. 

Single-point accountability for design, documentation and construction, ensures the Total Project Delivery™ process completes your canopy on time and with cost-certainty at each key stage. 

Step 1. Consultation – We listen and offer professional advice 

From your project brief we outline alternative options, producing cost-estimates to help optimise usage and meet specific requirements. We bring clarity to your decision making process with CGI renders of the proposed project in location. Outline design approval will enable the planning application process to commence. 

Step 2. Design – The knowledge and vision to deliver 

We use state of the art digital survey technology and 3D CAD modelling for the construction design and approval process. This will involve planning approval, specialist dynamic modelling, structural analysis and all aspects of regulatory compliance. Single-source accountability provides a seamless, hassle-free experience. 

Step 3. Manufacture – Confidence in a compliant accredited process 

ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2015 and BS EN 1090 EXC2 accreditation covers each stage of the manufacturing process. All elements of your project from structural steelwork fabrication, preparation and coating to rainwater components and glazing are inspected and packaged for specialist site delivery. 

Step 4. Installation – Professional project management 

Streetspace projects are managed in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2015. As Principal Contractor the Construction Phase Plan ensures that at all levels there is consistency in planning, management, monitoring and coordination of Health & Safety, with our site management providing daily coordination between client and installation teams. 

Step 5. Aftercare – Peace of mind for the long term 

Following the project handover process we issue all completion documents; O&M Manuals, H&S File and Warranty. An annual inspection and report programme provides you with peace of mind that wherever your project is located we will ensure that it is maintained correctly over the long term.