The sweet levy that could help wrap-up weather-proof sport

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Britain has become the most obese nation in Western Europe, with rates doubling over the past two decades, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The research carried out by The Lancet concludes that the wide availability and promotion of cheap, fattening food is one of the main drivers in creating a culture where obese is the new ‘norm’.

Nigel Deacon, Sales Director at Streetspace Urban Structures, looks at the exciting boost a new ‘Sugar Tax’ promises to give sport across the country.

Bake-offs and bites

‘For decades Britain has been becoming a nation of enthusiastic foodies. Supermarket aisles are stuffed with delicacies from across the world, artisan cake and coffee shops are more bountiful than estate agents and even the TV schedules are busting with bake-offs and bites.’


‘But there’s a heavy price to pay with our national obsession. We’re getting obesely overweight. The OECD identifies 63% of British UK adults now overweight.’

Child obesity

‘While Britain is doing better at tackling child obesity, stable at 24% while it is soaring across the rest of Europe, there is still plenty of room for improvement and the battle starts at school.’

£100 million of funding

‘Long aware of the problem, this year the Department for Education doubled funding for sports in schools funded by a sugar tax imposed on companies producing sugary drinks with an excessive sugar content. They also launched the Healthy Pupils Capital Programme, giving schools access to an additional £100 million of funding aimed at boosting pupils’ physical and mental health.’

Public health minister Steve Brine said:

‘Healthy eating, physical activity and sport not only help tackle childhood obesity, but can also have a positive impact on pupils’ behaviour, attendance, concentration and attainment, helping children to reach their potential.’

CIF applications

‘In previous blogs I’ve covered how Streetspace Urban Structures can assist with your CIF applications but have you thought how you could specifically access the Healthy Pupils Capital Programme to improve your sporting facilities?’

‘Without the budget to construct a dedicated indoor facility, school sport for pupils of any ability is too often cancelled with the onset of inclement weather or poor light but it doesn’t have to be this way!’

Decades of experience

‘We recently teamed up with the Southern Hemispheres shade and shelter specialists, Greenline and Shade Systems, who have decades of experience providing all-weather canopies that mean more sport, more often.’

Incredible structures

We’ve shared some incredible structures on our facebook page and website, showing what our partners have completed in Australia and New Zealand but we’re now excited by the potential of sports covers in the UK and the funds that you can access to help get this realised.

Incremental revenue

A funded build, healthier and happier pupils, no more cancellations, extended training and a source of incremental revenue from the hire of facilities outside school hours. What’s not to like and who knows where it could end?

If you would like assistance with your CIF application get in contact today.

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