Is it time to consider a 365 day season?

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If you were watching England beat Australia 30-6 in the second Test of the Old Mutual Wealth Series this weekend, Saturday 18th November, you would have been fully aware of the intensely wet conditions during the match. In fact, if MotD was anything to go by, it was a wet weekend for sport across the UK in general. With the Met Office now issuing a rain warning across north and northwest England, there appears to be no letting up with a wet week ahead now all but inevitable.

Seasonal through necessity

While competitive matches in Rugby and Football can continue in all but the most extreme conditions, many other popular UK sports fare far worse. Once you factor in failing light, it’s no surprise that many of our national sports are seasonal through necessity rather than choice; cricket has a season that starts in mid-April and ends in September.

Commitment can wane

While some elite clubs may be able to offer members year-round indoor training and practice facilities most simply don’t have the budgets or free space to commit to a purpose-built indoor area. Committed coaches and our next generation of sporting champions miss out on a chance to train and develop talent at will. Even for the more casual sports men and women, enthusiasm and commitment can wane if play becomes too sporadic and unpredictable. And potential revenue opportunities go untapped.

Tried and tested all-weather sports canopy

Now Streetspace Urban Structures have teamed up with Greenline and Shade Systems we know our shade and shelter systems can transform outdoor sports with tried and tested all-weather sports canopy solutions. Our canopies shield from incumbent weather and can house lighting systems with the capacity to extend play well-beyond natural daylight. Take a look at our website and get in contact if you want to offer more from your facilities.

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