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Maximising revenue from an attraction can too easily focus on simply improving the core attraction itself. Maintaining state of the art attractions can be a costly and constant investment. They may successfully draw more visitors to the attraction but overcrowding, long queues and accompanying waiting times may negatively impact on visitor dwell times and customer spend. Canny management teams in UK visitor attractions are discovering that investing in multiple covered dining areas can be a quick, affordable and lucrative way of improving customer experience and making visits even more appealing.

So what are the benefits for visitor attractions of increasing dining space?

1. Improved customer experience

Crowded and bustling cafés, food halls and restaurants can put people off from going in, and can result in a poor user experience if your visitors have to wait to be seated. Simply converting open space into covered eating areas can significantly improve the customer experience, benefiting in improved ratings and positive social media engagement.

2. Year round weather proofing

A planned day out can be ruined by Britain’s changeable and unpredictable climate. By providing comfortable, year round weather solutions, visitors can be sheltered from the wind and rain and shaded from the sun, maximizing the eating and drinking potential of a dining area in and out of peak season. Streetspace have considerable experience in providing perfectly integrated, weather protecting canopies that complement the existing building without encroaching on walkways or viewing areas.

Colchester Zoo outdoor canopy

3. Increased revenue  

A happy and comfortable visitor stays longer and spends more. Innovative Streetspace designs can transform latent space into an iconic feature. This can inexpensively invigorate an attraction and the initial investment costs can be swiftly recovered. This has been borne out by Colchester Zoo, where a covered dining area outside its Southern Fried Chicken restaurant has provided an improved customer experience, increased visitor dwell times, and realized greater visitor spend.

4. Private bookings income

A covered or enclosed dining space has great potential for additional revenue as you can hire out your spaces for private bookings. Out of hours events can be accommodated that don’t affect your usual trade – like parties and weddings. Or you can foster relationships with local trade groups to hire out your spaces to local businesses and deliver an additional revenue stream.

5. More extensive menu

Adding dining space to your attraction gives you the potential to offer a wider menu. A larger seated dining area can accommodate a more complex menu with a choice that will attract more customers.

6. No disruption

A covered area can take days to install. Streetspace provide a cost-effective solution to extending your covered area, on time, and with minimal disruption impacting on the daily running of your operation.

How Streetspace can help

Many attractions choose to put a canopy over a space, giving it the vital cover from the elements. But you can also create a completely weather-proofed, glazed enclosed building that increases the footprint of your internal space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional build. So, all in all, adding dining space has many benefits, all of which add up to extra income, and extra profit.

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