Who will you be serving dinner to next year?

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Photograph of school canteen

With Christmas fast approaching, many school kitchens across the UK will be busily organising festive menus so pupils can celebrate the season with that most traditional of dinners. Whether pupils have a taste for turkey, a craving for sprouts or a passion for pigs in blankets, there’s no denying that Christmas cheer chimes loudest around a fully decked dining table. But with half of all school children now choosing a packed lunch over school dinners, is the requisite festive dining space still present?

Christmas aside, are modern eating trends, combined with budgetary constraints, squeezing social dining off the curriculum?


Many schools baulk at the high cost of extending or modernising their over-crowded dining space area even when they are no longer fit for purpose. Even when capital funding becomes available through initiatives like the CIF fund, improved dining space doesn’t feature high on the agenda as the many benefits, including healthy eating and social interaction, cannot be quickly realised. The return on investment and potential disruption of structural improvements is far less appealing than quick and simple fixes.

Cost-effective dining facilities

This is a real pity as the Streetspace Urban Structures team have a wealth of design and installation experience in delivering superior but cost-effective dining facilities out of under-utilised and overlooked outdoor space.

Premium classroom space

This was exactly what we did at Catmose College when we designed and quickly installed a ZONE™ glazed enclosed structure and created an enclosed dining and social area out of space outside the surrounding traditional build. The newly constructed dining hall, with year round regulated internal air temperatures, now has the capacity to serve food to 150 students and freed up premium classroom space within the existing build at considerably less than the cost of a traditional new build.

If you’d like to serve up extended dining space area to your students in 2018 why not get in contact and discuss your plans.


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